Does Taylor Swift Realize Most of That “Sexist” Criticism Came From Feminists?

downloadYou know, it’s probably starting to feel like I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift, what with all the criticizing I’ve done of her lately.

The truth is that, while I remain a die-hard fan of her music and I think she’s a pretty great person who does good things and means well, she’s also got a lot of curious misconceptions about the world around her and its treatment of her.

Part of this is that she’s latched on to the new fad of “feminism” and it really really shows in her interactions with the media these days. I’m mostly putting this down to her age (we may be the same age, but Taylor’s experience with the world and my experience with the world are as different as chalk and cheese), but that’s not going to stop me from pointing out the flaws in her reasoning.*

Here’s what Taylor had to say recently.

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The Decision To Die

It’s something I’ve considered in the past. Something I’ve discussed in a purely hypothetical sense.

Would I be able to make decision to end my own life, if continuing to live meant a continued loss of my quality of life and the reality that the remainder of my life would otherwise be spent in pain and suffering?

For me it’s a hypothetical. My family has no history of brain cancer, breast cancer, or any of the dozen other debilitating diseases that could create a situation for me where I felt that assisted suicide was something I would seriously consider, but for Brittany Maynard that choice is not hypothetical. In fact that decision has already been made.

As I write this article on October 9th, she is less than a month away from the decisive moment and I know it must be horribly difficult for her and her family to know that after November 1st she will no longer be with them.

But I understand her decision.

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Elementary Politics: An Open Letter to “Feminist” Taylor Swift

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Look, I like your music. I’m going to continue liking your music for a very long time, I have no doubt. However, you are not impressing me with this new facet of your personality. You know, the one where you have decided to embrace this shallow modern “feminism” that your friends Lena Dunham and Emma Watson have impressed upon you.

You’ve bought their rhetoric, you believe that feminism is about equality. Okay, I can let you have that point. You want to care about equality for women? That’s great.

Only Lena Dunham and Emma Watson, from all the evidence I can see, have a very narrow and shallow view of what the most urgent issues of equality are and where we need to address them.

I think you can do better.

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An open letter to Taylor Swift (and any other feminist listening) on how they could improve the world and do something useful with feminism.

Or We Could, Y’know, Actually Talk To Our Partners About Sex

sexI got sucked into an episode of Sex and the City on Saturday.

I was sick, I was feeling masochistic, it was like watching a train wreck. I don’t want to talk about it.

Except that I actually do want to talk about it.

The plot of the episode was that the main character (Carrie? Something with a C?) had met a really great guy who she got along with perfectly. They had wonderful conversations, liked all the same things, but the sex was apparently less than amazing.

Neither Carrie nor her friends dealt with this in an adult manner. Her friends seemed intent on getting her to dump the guy (who made her happy in every other way) because he was bad in bed and Carrie just carried on sexing up the guy, hoping the sex would get better.

The problem? Never once did Carrie sit him down and talk to him about the sex. Never once during sex did she encourage him to try something different or even subtly guide him toward something more pleasurable. She just kept doing the same thing over and over (the definition of insanity) hoping he would magically get better. Even worse, her friends told her not to talk to him about it.

I got news for you Carrie Bradshaw, men are not mind readers.

Neither are women for that matter.

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New On Elementary Politics: Things Feminists Hate: Women Protecting Themselves


This seems counter to any logic that I can conceive of. Even the most backwards of the modern feminists should believe in women being proactive about their safety. I mean, what could be more demeaning than expecting women to sit back and wait for the patriarchy to straighten up and act right?

Nonetheless, it’s true.

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Grow The F*ck Up: The Professor Probation Remix

1276866247674The saddest thing about this installment of this series is that it isn’t an immature college student freaking out about politics or religion, it’s a grown adult with a job (well she had a job…) and responsibilities and influence over the previously mentioned immature college students.

This installment of Grow The Fuck Up is brought to you by Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young of the Feminist Studies Department of UC Santa Barbara.

Actually the previous two installments of this series make a lot of sense when you realize that people like this are allowed to teach college students.

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Shake It Off: Learning to Live a Life Less Controlled by Others

Picture by nosound-withoutsilence, via tumblr

Picture by nosound-withoutsilence, via tumblr

Taylor Swift and I are about the same age and, as a result, I’ve watched her and her music change as I grew up too. So maybe it’s not odd that I can look at her music and see myself in it so clearly.

Some of her early songs about haters, like Mean, were mostly about reacting to the hate and using it to motivate you. The song is really down on the singer just as much as the ‘mean’ person is.

“You have pointed out my flaws again/As if I don’t already see them/I walk with my head down/Trying to block you out ’cause I’ll never impress you.”

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