Common Core Tourettes and the Anti-Common Core Mob




one cries because one is sad

(This post got a bit away from me, I apologize for the rambling nature and probable spelling errors…in my defense I’m ranting and I don’t care if my grammar is perfect in a rant)

I don’t know what we did before we had Common Core to blame all our education woes on, I really don’t.

I don’t remember my  parents saying “look at this Prentice Hall math problem my kid had to solve” or “look at this Houghton Mifflin Harcourt history worksheet my kid brought home” and trust me the problems were just as prevalent then as they are now that everyone has tourettes that automatically attaches “common core” as the adjective in every complaint about education, curriculum, or teaching styles.

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Tea Party, Please Look Up Compromise in the Dictionary

Me: *voices dissenting or unpopular view of a Tea Party view*
TP member: That’s stupid.
Me: Okay….why is that?
TP member: What are you a liberal plant or something?

That is a summary of a conversation I had last night, just in case anyone wonders why I’m starting to get tetchy about the Tea Party these days. If these next two elections cycles end in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory thanks to “ideologicaly purity” zealots (libertarian or Tea Party, tbh) I may actually give up politics, switch back to writing fantasy novels and awkwardly wooing pretty girls. We need a few wins under our belt before we have leeway for irrational debates on who is more ideologically pure. Grow the fuck up and realize that the long game, the game where we actually win and make a difference (because I don’t care who you are, you can’t tell me that an executive and legislative branch of liberals is more realityappealing to you than one full of moderate Republicans), takes some form of adult compromise. If you can’t produce a real argument when you disagree with someone, then shut the fuck up. I don’t have time for your crap, neither does the current election cycle.

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The Anti-Common Core Crowd Want to Take You on a Guilt Trip

Screenshot 2014-02-13 at 2.30.52 PMNo thanks, please unpack my bags and refund my ticket, I have no interest in going down that path with you.

Maybe it’s because my plaintive cries of “You are ruining my life” failed to appropriately guilt trip my parents when I was a kid and therefore I became a sociopath that stopped caring about the emotions of others.

Or maybe it’s just because blaming Common Core for a child being frustrated with a couple of math problems is so insane that it barely takes scrutiny to dismiss.

Sure, I feel terrible for the girl in the picture. I have an abundance of empathy because I was a high achieving child in my K-12 years (let’s just not discuss that college thing ‘kay?), this was long before Common Core by the way, and I remember having some very vocal and tearful breakdowns at the kitchen table over my homework, whether I was in public school, private, or home school at the time. Math was always an especially difficult subject for me (still is, I never really had a good math teacher) and I got frustrated easily. I could solve every problem but one and that one would give me a breakdown.

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It’s Always Okay For Someone to Not Like You – A Rant

I find myself at odds, once again, with another gay Republican. I wrote an article a few months ago on why I don’t make politics personal and what triggered it was an article written by Jimmy LaSalvia, recently of GOProud.

Now I find myself writing a response to something he’s said once again…and steadily getting annoyed at myself that I feel the need to continue doing so.

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Bailing Out Failing Public Schools is NOT Conservative

Let me preface this article with the disclaimer that I know very little about the state of education in North Carolina. I know that public schools in general are usually disgusting paper mills that push students through without much care to whether the students are actually learning anything and I know the North Carolina came in 38th in SAT scores in 2013.

I also know that being for a public institutions because “think of the children” (even when the institution regularly screws up children’s education) is not a conservative principle.

So imagine my shock when I read this article on Diane Ravitch’s blog that basically said that if conservatives are more interested in results and the free market being used to encourage schools to excel, we aren’t really conservatives.

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Conservatives Are Getting Addicted to Being Offended

When I was reading Greg Gutfeld’s book, The Joy of Hate, this year I thought he was being a little melodramatic when he complained that Republicans/Conservatives were starting to get offended as easily as liberals. (I can’t remember where he said that and I’m sure it’s not an exact quote…my copy of the book is at home and I’m not.)

But unfortunately I’m beginning to see his point.

We spend an inordinate amount of time on petty issues when it comes to our news cycle.

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Advocating Censorship: No, Jennifer Lawrence Was Not Being Hyperbolic

It’s a good thing she’s cute as a button, otherwise this would have killed all her redeeming qualities in one shot.

“The word ‘fat’ I think should be illegal,” the Oscar winner told Walters. “If we’re regulating cigarettes and sex and cuss words, because of the effect they have on our younger generation, why aren’t we regulating things like calling people fat?”

- The Daily Caller (Jennifer Lawrence ABC News Interview)

My sister loves Jennifer Lawrence (I can’t blame her, she’s adorable), but she’s also a very intelligent 16 year old with relatively conservative ideals. She knows Obamacare is stupid, she supported Romney in 2012, and she’s well aware that regulation (of business or speech) is a really stupid idea.

When I told her what Jennifer Lawrence said though, she claimed that she had just been “making a joke” and pointed out that I say things like that all the time.

I do actually. I told my dad, just the other day, that his puns were so bad that they should be illegal.

That was a joke.

What Jennifer Lawrence said was not.

Watch the video for yourself.

This is how a huge percentage of my sister’s generation (a generation that idolizes this actress) thinks. “If it hurts someone’s feelings, it should be illegal.” You can find posts saying almost that exact thing all over the internet, posted by whiny adolescents (and people in my age bracket as well) who think that what is right or legal should revolve around what THEY think is acceptable in society.

I have news for you Jennifer Lawrence, you aren’t tolerant if you’re only “tolerant” about things you agree with. You have to be tolerant of people you think are assholes too, because you can’t legislate tolerance, human nature does not work that way.

Calling people fat is not the problem.

The problem is that we have raised a generation that is so dependent on what other’s think of them that they completely lose it when they are criticized or embarrassed by someone.

You were doing so very well there for a while, being the teen idol that was encouraging girls to be themselves and refuse to care what other people think of you…and then you had to go and say something like this.

Now you are giving credence to the idea that it matters what assholes think about you. It matters so much that it should be a crime to say anything less than nice about someone.

Thanks a lot for enforcing that idea for your fans. I’m sure you’ve done them a great service.