Dawn of Justice: Deep, philosphical, moral and great.

Now the movie has taken a lot of hits* the least stupid of these being that it seemed like there were multiple films going on here (Man of Steel sequel, a Batman movie, the setup for Justice League, Batman v Superman beat down) that supposedly didn’t connect…the problem with this critique is that they did connect.  Not only did all of the points fit into one single narrative—granted a narrative more consistent with a well written novel than the simple A and B story plot lines in a dimwitted sitcom that non-professional critics clearly prefer—but each of these parts mirrored each other in terms of their themes.  And while more complex this movie was not mere pretentiousness as its themes were issues at the core of humanity—not the banality presented as depth that professional critics oh so love—these were truly deep themes.

Now as one of the authors of this article previously pointed out, these are in part tied to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and just as Man of Steel tore apart the idealistic tyranny of Plato’s Republic; Dawn of Justice shreds Nietzsche into the trash that his philosophy really is. But it does more then that, it attacks the lack of humanity at the core of Nietzsche, and turn on it’s head the question “Must there be a Superman?” from Nietzsche’s answer of Yes, so that man can be overcome by the ubermensch, to yes because the last son of Krypton is the light to follow which makes us human.

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A Conservative Declaration of Independence (From The GOP)

I had the misfortune of reading this statement by Huckabee yesterday:

“Lead, follow or get the heck out of the way. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but he’s the Speaker, that means he’s the leader. Then lead. Lead the members of Congress to support our party. Let’s support the entire ticket. Let’s support every person running for governor, every person running for senator and every person running for Congress, and let’s support our nominee for president. Let’s support our entire ticket, that’s when it works best.”

There’s a big problem with Huckabee’s thought process on what being a leader means (and I can’t even blame him, this is a man that has legitimately considered himself to be a conservative for years, meaning he clearly doesn’t understand the definition of the actual words used in the English language).

That problem is that being a leader doesn’t mean blindly and slavishly following what is popular or falling in line to support someone who is totally and completely unsupportable. The “we were just following party orders” excuse doesn’t work for us and it doesn’t impress us when Republican politicians or talking heads tell us that the party line is more important than conservatism.

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Target, Transgendered People in Your Bathroom, and Gun Control

I was going to write an actual post about this, but to be honest I just couldn’t get my thoughts together on paper because every time I started to write I just got annoyed by the flagrant disregard for consistency and logic being used by the people saying that these laws make it easier for child molesters or rapists to prey on people.

Here’s a shocking fact, much like mass shooters that don’t care if the school, church, or public building is a “gun free” zone when they start shooting, pedophiles and rapists don’t care if a public restroom is unisex, single gender, or allows transgender people entry. If they were wishing to lay in wait in a bathroom to prey on a child or woman (or man, let’s have some equality here) they were going to do it whether or not the law (or the store’s rules) allowed transgendered people to access the bathroom of the gender they are presenting as.

So unless you are one of those people that favor gun control, because you think “gun free zones” are going to stop criminals from shooting people (guess what, the entire country is a “rape free/child molestation free zone” and somehow it still happens), getting worked up over the risk of transgendered people in your bathroom leading to your child being molested is a little ridiculous.

Oh well, I guess I could write my thoughts down after all. However, here’s the video anyway. Excuse the rambling, I made it in my car, before I had my first cup of coffee.


Donald Trump Is Not A Conservative

The word “conservative” may get stretched around and misused by people, but that doesn’t mean that the ideology of conservatism loses any of it’s potency.

I recently wrote a book on the topic of minority conservatives and political outreach. Part of that book was set around outlining what conservatism is, because frankly we can’t expect to do outreach to people if we don’t even know what the hell we are reaching out to them about.

So I’m going to give you a little sneak peak at my book and in doing so show why Donald Trump is, 100% with no wiggle room, not a conservative.

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What Can Journalists Expect Under a Trump Presidency

Based on Trump’s rhetoric and his own campaign staff’s actions (and Trump’s support for them after the fact) we would be facing an extremely hostile environment for journalists under Trump.

A man that is willing to allow his campaign manager to continue to work for him after assaulting a journalist (and reportedly admitting to it and claiming he only did it because he didn’t know she was from a Trump friendly news site, as if her being from National Review or some other MSM network would have made assaulting her okay) clearly has no respect for journalism, though that is something we already knew.

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A Lesbian’s Experience at the Conservative Political Action Conference (via: Elementary Politics)

This was my second year at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference held annually in the Washington D.C. area. Obviously I was a lesbian the firsttime I attended, just as I am now, but this time I was far more open about the topic with other attendees and therefore I thought it would be fascinating (given my recent book release) to write an article about how my sexuality was received at the conference.

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A New Breed of Elephant: Conservative Outreach, Transcending Identity Politics, and Victory in the 21st Century

Just over a year ago I announced on this blog that I was undertaking a massive project to write a book about minority conservatives. The concept was vague and undefined, but I knew that it was something that I needed to do.

I didn’t have an agent, I didn’t have a publisher, and I didn’t have a name for the book.

One year later and I still don’t have an agent or a publisher, but I have named the book and I’m proud to announce that you can now pre-order it on Amazon. (Paperback copies will be available in mid-March).

The concept of the book changed as I worked on it and eventually settled on the topic of outreach. The minority conservatives I interviewed had so many good ideas for how to reach their communities and as I wrote I realized that this topic is probably the most important one that I could address.

That’s not all the book is about, but it is the majority of the writing. The book is filled with interviews from conservatives from as many backgrounds as I could find and their ideas, along with my own research, formed the basis for the rest of the book. You’ll also find out what the core principles of being a conservative are and what it’s like to be a minority conservative.

I sincerely hope that what I have written in this book does justice to the work of those interviewed and helps conservatism to move forward into the 21st century.

I proudly announce that A New Breed of Elephant: Conservative Outreach, Transcending Identity Politics, and Victory in the 21st Century will hit the web on March 1st, 2016.

Book Cover

Pre-order now on Amazon.