The Conservative New Ager and Immigration Reform

Two factors have fought against me in writing blogs this week. One is that I’m on vacation and I’ve spent more time with friends than I have with research (but never fear, I have had some good conversations that have led to some interesting ideas for blogs) and the second is that my neurologist recently added a new medication to my list, a drug which he jokingly referred to as the “stupid pill”….unfortunately the side affect of lack of coherent thought have overtaken me. I’ve been told that this should only last for a couple of weeks, so that’s good.

So for now I’m going to leave you with links to a series of blogs that The Conservative New Ager wrote on immigration reform.

To start off I will say that I do indeed agree with this series of blogs.

Laws the GOP should pass #29: Immigration Part I

So this week, and for the next few weeks, I will be suggesting immigration reform, but because real reform needs to come in multiple steps these blogs will be part of a multipart series. But as a preview of things to come here is the long and short of it.

Laws the GOP should pass: Immigration Part II

So last week we discussed the need for a real wall at the border. I may be for open trade borders, but there are simple facts drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and various other crimes (like arson, which sets a quarter of my state on fire) that make the necessity of a giant wall that you can’t cut or easily hop over a necessity. Will it cost a lot? Yeah, but strangely less than illegal immigration is costing us…and that’s before you factor in the cost of the current illegal immigrant started fires in Arizona.

Law of the week: Immigration Part III

So as a quick refresher we have built a giant wall of concrete along the Southern Border, because nothing short of that is defensible, and encouraging everyone who isn’t here legally to please remove themselves or we will do it for them. So now let’s deal with the guest worker programs that need to be put in place.

Laws for the GOP to Pass: Immigration Reform Part IV: The Path to Citizenship

So we’ve secured the border, moved the illegals out, and offered a guest worker program. Now to talk about how we need to reform the requirements for citizenship.