A note on how checking the facts can lead to interesting results.


Here is a follow up I wrote to this article after a lot of controversy arose because of it.

This is one of the numerous “I am the 99%” photographs that is floating around the internet. I got this one from facebook, when a friend of a friend posted it.

I haven’t spent a lot of time pulling these posters apart, because it just seems like a waste of time. These people aren’t interested in listening to logic or truth, but this one was so blatantly ridiculous that I had to deal with it. Also because it is about my state and about issues that are close to me, as I also had difficulty getting on AHCCCS last year when I had to have several tests done to diagnose a neurological disorder that I have.

So we’ll start small and end up proving that, whatever else the man in the above picture is, he is a liar.

He says that he made minimum wage, which up until recently was $7.35 an hour in this state. He also says that he worked part time, so 30 hours or less. (If your definition of part time is different from that, please let me know. That is the definition at my current job.)

If he worked 30 hours a week, ever week, he would make $882 dollars a month, before taxes. I’m going from what he has said, though I find it quite unbelievable that he was actually paid minimum wage. Most pizza delivery jobs pay less than minimum wage because of tips.

Which are not including in the income information that AHCCCS asks for. I should know. I spent enough time staring at those forms.

The maximum amount that an adult single person can make and still qualify for AHCCCS is $908, before taxes. The man in the picture does not mention having any family, so that is the amount I will use in this analysis.

So at this point we have found that if he was working full time at minimum wage, as he says, that he would in fact be in the right income level to be accepted by AHCCCS.

Now we move into the realm of why, even if he was making more than $908 a month, he would still be lying through his teeth, or he just wasn’t trying very hard to get AHCCCS coverage.

I made slightly over $1000 a month at the job I had when I was trying to get AHCCCS coverage. As a single female, that was over the limit and I was told that I would be denied AHCCCS unless I included the bills for the procedures that I had already had (at that point I think it was several trips to a Neurologist, 2 MRIs, and a Lumbar puncture) and they would be pro-rated against the amount I made each month.

I did exactly that (or my dad did, I wast still recovering from the lumbar puncture). At one point I had to stand in line for 2 hours at the local AHCCCS office to talk about my policy, but guess what? I got a bright shiny AHCCCS card. The coverage only lasted about 6 months, but it significantly helped me with my bills and prescriptions for medication.

As for his assumption about Churches and Private Institutions not paying for medical bills. I wouldn’t know, I never tried to get one to pay my bills. However, despite some of my issues with religious organizations I have been a part of in the past, I will say one thing. There was not a single time that a call went out for assistance on medical (or other monetary issues) where the members of the church did not give willingly to help those in their congregation. Even those that had only a little more than those in question, gave willingly.

As for private institutions, a 20 second google search found several lists(1, 2, 3) of private, federal, and state organizations for cancer patients. (I stuck with cancer as that is the same disease that that the man in the picture had). I do not know how affective these organizations are, nor how difficult it is to get assistance from these programs, but they are there. So his statement that churches and private organizations will not pay your medical bills (or help at the very least) is completely false.

There, I feel better.

Check the facts more often. It reveals interesting things.



  1. The man in the picture did reply. She didn’t allow it. It’s pretty cool to be the moderator. He has his own blog. That is what led me here. Read for yourself if you can. I’m not certain she will allow this post either. protoguy.blogspot.com

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