Learning from the past… (Via The Conservative New Ager)

Six years ago, 2006, if you had asked me who I wanted for President my smartass answer would probably have been “Anyone but Hillary.” Because why would I want a left-leaning pragmatist without a shred of moral or political principles running the country. Yes I wanted Rudy, but I would have said I would be willing to take a lot of second tier alternatives.

Then a funny thing happened. A Democratic challenger arose who was not a pragmatist with many left-leaning tendencies but a full blown socialist who was a true believer in the Marxist trash he was peddling…and Hillary started to look pretty good…but what did I have to worry about, I mean usually I vote Republican and I’ll be able to do that this time. Oh wait. Then the GOP in its usual level of “let’s-snatch-defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory” stupidity nominated John McCain. A corrupt liberal who sides with Democrats at the drop of a hat, desperate to get the approval of the mainstream media, who has declared war on the First Amendment before he ran for president through McCain-Feingold, (who through his recent defense of NDAA has declared war on the entire bill of rights), and let us not forget both in the past and present will never miss a chance to sell out our troops and condemn them (given this most recent betrayal of the armed services and NDAA I can say without a moment’s hesitation the world would be a better place if we had just left him to rot in that hole in North Vietnam). In short I really hate John McCain (almost as much as I hate his pick for VP, who is also a completely unprincipled excuse for a human pretending to be a conservative).

And as the primary was ending in 2008 I was really hoping I could vote for Hillary. She was a pragmatist which made her better than GOP tweedle-dumb and Democrat tweedle-dumber. Sadly the Democrats disappointed me as much as the GOP. I did a write in for Rudy because it would be a cold day in hell before I voted for either of those unprincipled SOB’s.

via Learning from the past….

I also have learned from the past and will never say the words “anyone, but ____” when it comes to elections.

I spent months saying “anyone, but Bachmann” and then “anyone, but Romney” and both times I have been proven wrong by reading their actual views, hearing their speeches, and looking at their platforms.

I’m a Romney fangirl? No, I’m really not, but he’s as good a choice as I (and the GOP) are going to get for this election and I realize that.

And his history with Bain, as The Conservative New Ager says, is one of the major factors in him gaining a little of my respect.