And the school week has begun again.

Not really a huge deal, since I don’t go to class that many days a week, but still…

I take a completely ridiculous number of notes in my classes. Ridiculous!

Mostly because I have that little New Year’s Resolution to study more and note taking is a major part of that. I let myself slide a little last semester. But then again, most of my classes were so ponderous that taking notes would have felt like going from the frying pan into the fire.

Alright, here’s some neat little tidbits I picked up today.

Review of social contract theory, Declaration of Independence, Constitutional compromises….blah, blah, review, blah.

The first half of class was fairly average. We discussed the Articles of the Constitution. Order of ratification by the states. Steps to amend constitution. That sort of stuff. You would have to be there to really get how interesting my professor makes it all. The class is, as I’ve said before, my favorite. I will be looking for more classes taught by this professor in the future.

The best part of class came when we were polled about what our favorite amendment (from the Bill of Rights) was. About 3/4s of the class raised their hand for the 1st amendment, myself included. I have a lot of feelings about the first amendment alright?

Then came the 2nd amendment. I was shocked, for a state like Arizona, that only 3 or 4 people raised their hand. Once again, as we were voting on our top two, I raised my hand.

Our professor asked us to tell why we chose the 2nd amendment and I was completely honest. I said that, “even if the government isn’t on your side about your natural rights (Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness…Property, though it’s not named specifically) that if you have the 2nd amendment you can protect all the rest on your own…no government needed.

So I’m from a family of pro-gun people. I’m not ashamed. My dad is part of the NRA.

But the best answer came from one of the guys who had also answered the 1st amendment like me. He said “The First Amendment is the first step to abolishing a tyrannical government. The Second Amendment is the last step.”

My teacher said that would make a good bumper sticker.

It totally would. I want one when I get a car this year.


So on to the next class.

First of all, while discussing the Weimar Republic, our professor says that Germany was home to Hegel and Marx and was a “font of wisdom, knowledge, and civilization.” I’m going to hope that those two things are considered separate and having nothing to do with the other.

Who am I kidding. That was a slim hope.

Though while talking about what brought about the fall of the Weimar, the professor did surprise me by admitting the “deep-seated antisemitism” of Germany at the time. I was thinking he would gloss over that.

The reasons for the fall are all ones that we have heard before.

1. Exorbitant war reparations

2. Hyperinflation of the German Mark.

3. Deep resentment of those that were ‘responsible’ for the German defeat.

An interesting story that I once heard, I don’t know how historically accurate it is though, was that the inflation of the mark in Germany made is so worthless that a man could burn single mark notes for longer than the wood that he could buy for the same amount would last.

Not a good situation.

Not hard to see where a charismatic leader like Hitler, with big promises to fix the economy and restore Germany to its proper place in civilization, could come to power and take over.

Other than 3 pages of notes on the Portuguese “Revolution of Carnations” we didn’t talk about much else and the Revolution of Carnations doesn’t really seem interesting enough to write a lot about, other than that it is apparently considered the “beginning of the 3rd wave of Democratization” in the world.

Also there are some interesting photos from the revolution, such as this one. Which gives a clear reason behind the name of the revolution.