Meeting Sheriff Joe

My day could not possibly get any better.


(okay, I’m a crazy political fangirl. Getting my picture taken with a political figure is cooler than meeting an actor in my book.)

I had the good fortune to be able to attend a meeting of the ASU College Republicans this afternoon and Maricopa county Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was the guest speaker.

He is nothing like the papers describe him, and he had more than a few comments on journalistic bias and the press in general.

He is a very funny, personable man, with an extremely “no non-sense” point of view and an awesome tie pin.

He joked a lot, took some (extremely polite) jabs at democrats, and refused to comment on “operation fast and furious” because he doesn’t like to talk badly about other law enforcement agencies.

He cares a lot about his deputies and their families and about his duty as Sheriff, to the people if his county and to the laws of our country and state.

I was amazed to hear how many years he has worked in law enforcement and how diverse his background is. He’s worked in numerous countries and spent many years protecting the Texas/Mexico border.

If I hadn’t been planning to vote for him already, I would be now.

It was a great honor to meet him and I hope that I will get to hear him speak again.



  1. You appear taken in by the public persona of Arpaio; I am sorry to say. You claim to be a writer. Most writers research before they write about a topic or subject. In the instance of Arpaio you failed to do your homework.

    Rather than spend a day to write all the reason Arpaio is not the public’s Sheriff, but he also has real blood on his hands. Proof? Read any newspaper from Phoenix to New York City and search his name. You will find multiple references to his evil-ways.

    I hope you go back and read a little and then write again about your impression of the most “criminal” Sheriff in the United States.

    • I find the fact that you are naive enough to believe that any of the newspapers you mentioned report the whole truth, or any truth at all actually.
      Journalism in my state is incredibly biased against Sheriff Joe. Yet somehow he keeps getting elected. I would say that shows how the people of his county feel about his policies.

      Is he perfect? No, but no one is.
      However, he has taken a hard stance on immigration that the state of Arizona, highest kidnapping and drug related crime rate in the country needs, needs.

      What exactly is your problem with the man? And I want specifics, don’t tell me to read the paper. You came to my blog to criticize my research and writing, I’d very much like to see your research skills.

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