Definitely a great evening. I’ve been excited since Thursday night when The Conservative New Ager asked me if I was free to attend the rally. It isn’t as if this changed my opinion, or even cemented my vote for Romney, as my vote was cemented a while ago in his favor. However, getting to see him speak in person was impressive.

The Conservative New Ager

Mitt Romney, the next President of the United States came to Mesa, AZ.

This is the first political event I’ve been to in year.  And while I am not a fan of large gatherings of people (I’m a solitary soul and it works for me) I had a wonderful time.

I can’t say I learned anything new as his speech was a typical stump speech covering a lot of the same themes as his CPAC speech but it became all to clear that he is not the lifeless clod the media tries to portray him as.  He is quite charismatic (and this is coming  from a  person who doesn’t like or respond to charisma all that much).  And what is really nice, what I am seeing in a lot of his speeches is that he doesn’t just reference the Founders or the founding documents, he quotes from them with a…

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