Needed to do a little decompression… (Via The Conservative New Ager)

After a draining week in politics and work…I was very relieved at tonight’s Romney victory…but still needed to get a little snark out so I turned to twitter…

.And on twitter I saw@DinaFraioli tweeted

“The Eye of Sauron points to Ohio….”

so I responded

“Great, now I’m going to be spending all night putting the major political contenders in LOTR roles in my mind.”

believe it or not, there was no alcohol involved in this…it’s just trying to get publicity for Republicans and Reincarnation and keeping up blogging during an election year that I have almost no time for my other writing passion—writing fantasy novels. So this random little musing is making up for that loss in my life…I fully admit this is stupid and pointless, but it was a wonderful stress relief to write…and it’s disturbing how many parallels I was able to make.

At the very least, I hope it gives you a small chuckle.I would love to actually write this parody…but not sure I have the time…so settle for how you would cast “The Lord of the White House and the Return of the Conservative”

via Needed to do a little decompression….

My life is now complete.

Thanks to The Conservative New Ager for making me giggle after a very long, difficult week.