Ramblings of ConservativeCathy–It’s not Fair!

What do you hear little children say all the time – “it’s not fair”. But we thought that you were not supposed to grow up and learn that life is not fair – nor is it meant to be!

I hear Democrats, President Obama and others using versions of this phrase on almost a daily basis now.

Not wanting to go into all the individual points this phrase is used for I want to just deal with the concept of “what is fair”.

via Ramblings of ConservativeCathy–It’s not Fair!.

When I have children the phrase “That’s not fair!” will be anathema in my house. It will carry a far worse punishment than any four letter word uttered in my house.

Maybe if we trained our children to stop expecting “fairness” we could actually raise a generation of effective politicians.



    • Cathy does a good job of showing that in the full article, but here’s my issue.

      The world isn’t fair and, as for my view on children, I don’t want to teach them to expect something that is unreasonable. Do I want people to be treated equally (based on skill, training, etc.) YES! However that isn’t what people are requesting, usually, when they ask the government to make things “fair”. They don’t want equal opportunity, they want equal success and equal perks.

      The concept of “fairness” is so twisted, that you have half the population demanding that it isn’t “fair” that the rich aren’t paying more in taxes than they already are…except the top 10% of earners are paying 50+% of the tax revenue, while the bottom 50% pay no income tax.

      How is more “fair” for successful people to pay more (percentage) in taxes?

      Asking for equal treatment, if you deserve it (meaning I won’t treat you equal to another person unless you have earned that same treatment in some way, i.e. a woman isn’t paid the same as a man by virtue of being female, but by virtue of having the same qualifications and job title) is fine.

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