Oh Julia, what a poor martyr you make.

My friend over at The Conservative New Ager has done an immensely fantastic job of ripping one of the Obama campaign’s latest attacks against Romney, The Life of Julia, to ribbons.

Check the series out here.

The Sad Life of Julia Part I

The Sad Life of Julia Part II: The teen years

The Sad Life of Julia Part III–The wacky college years

The Sad Life of Julia Part IV

The Sad Life of Julia Part V: Middle Age Dependency

The Sad Life of Julia Part VI:The Twilight of a Moocher


Of course, if you have an incredibly short attention span, there is a shorter and less witty version at thelifeofjulia.com


I don’t want to be Julia, nor should any other woman. The incredibly sexist tone of this add should not help Obama gain female votes. Just as Andrea Tantaros says on Cavuto in this video. (Apologies for the bad quality, it was the only online version of the interview I could find.)

I don’t like the future dependency on the government that the Obama administration wants for this country and I don’t think I would like any person, Julia or otherwise, who allowed themselves to be suckered into living in this sort of world.