The coolest website on the internet. (Also the Supreme court seems to have had it with liberals.)

YankoDesign describes itself as

[A] web magazine dedicated to introducing the best modern international design, covering from industrial design, concepts, technology, interior design, architecture, exhibition and fashion. It’s about the cutting edge and the classic, the new and the rediscovered. It’s all about the best.

And it has some of the most amazing ideas and inventions. It makes me happy to see that people are still inventing and designing new things.

Here are a few of my favorites.


Bento Box Laptop

Kitchen of the future

Emergency Solar Cooking

Modern grandfather clock

Bento Box Steamer



In political news, it looks like even some of the most liberal Supreme Court justices have had it with the unions…which can only be bad for Obama.

When Sotomayor and Ginsburg (in a 7-2 victory) rule against SEIU in a case,  you can bet that they are 100% done with dealing with the Union’s (and by extension the current President’s) bullshit.

This make me happy on so many levels.


My Right Online Experience.

After a  lot of difficulty and maneuvering I got a ticket for the full event at Right Online, which was sold out this year.

So Friday morning, my family* packed up and headed to Las Vegas.

The conference was held at The Venetian, which is apparently the only non-union business on the La Vegas Strip. Which made it ideal for a meeting of conservatives.

Anyway, I got to the Venetian in time to get registered and get my copy of Culture of Corruption signed by Michelle Malkin.

The Andrew Breitbart Tribute Reception was extremely moving with dozens of stories about Breitbart’s life and how he had affected the lives of those he worked with over the years. In fact, stories about Breitbart were brought up in almost every speech.

It made me incredibly sad to see how many people he had affected in his 43 short years and the fact that I never had to chance to meet him.

I can’t even begin to describe the awesomeness of the speeches at this event or how much they affected me. So I’ll simply include the videos and encourage you to listen to them.

I hope to also implement some of the ideas I got in the breakout sessions, where I heard a lot about making a blog successful and building an audience. Including the possibility of doing a roundtable podcast with other conservative voices and covering more of my city and state local politics.

To the speeches.

Andrew Marcus, Breitbart Tribute

Former Governor Sarah Palin

Michelle Malkin on June 15th

Michelle Malkin on June 16th

Roger Hedgecock

Hugh Hewitt

Congressman Joe Heck

S.E. Cupp

Lars Larson

Jonah Goldberg

Rusty Humphries

Dana Loesch

Who I got to take a photo with.

Ann McElhinney


*They wanted to go on vacation and Las Vegas seemed like a good choice.

I usually smile and laugh and tell people that politics don’t make me angry.

But that’s just not accurate today.

I’m mad as hell and, as Michelle Malkin said at Right Online this year, why the hell shouldn’t I be!

Fast and Furious, Executive privilege, unconstitutional executive orders about immigration, unconstitutional healthcare reforms, spitting and shredding the constitution, lying at every turn, campaigning instead of governing, cheap shots, dirty campaigns, refusing to listen to Congress, saying the Supreme Court’s decisions don’t matter, leaks of top secret documents, money given to the Muslim Brotherhood, support to the Sharia based government in Libya, promises made to a corrupt new President in Russia where soldiers are burning our flag, destroying our foreign policies and turning our country against our allies.

This is not something that we can not afford to allow to continue.

Every time I hear someone say they aren’t going to vote for Romney, for whatever reason they have, I want to punch something.

What are you thinking?

Do you want Obama to WIN?

Get your head screwed on straight and stop screwing over our country.

There is NO REASON good enough in this race to justify NOT voting for Romney this November. Even if you have issues with him, read that paragraph I wrote starting with ‘Fast and Furious’ again. Can anything you fear with Romney be worse than this?

I have very good reasons to vote FOR Romney. I’ve been supporting him for months.

So even if you can’t find a good reason to vote FOR Romney, right now all you have to do is look at Washington’s current leader and his cronies to find a reason

I don’t care what personal reasons you had for casting a ballot for someone else in the primaries, now that Romney is the nominee we can’t afford to vote for anyone else. If Giuliani and Bachmann announced a write in campaign (and I love Giuliani and Bachmann) I would still be voting for Romney, because he’s the one who can beat Obama.

And Obama cannot win.

I love this country more than I love my own life, but that’s why I can’t sit here and watch Obama tear this country down and destroy her foundations for another 4 years, so that he can rebuild her in his own image.

I swear by all that I consider holy that I will leave this country if Obama is re-elected. This is more than “going Galt” like I’ve seen some people threaten. This isn’t even a temporary idea, I will leave this country, I will get citizenship and I will throw my knowledge into fighting for that country.

Because, if Obama wins the election in November, then this country may no longer be worth fighting for. The things I love about this country will slowly, but surely, be chipped away and I can’t be here for that. It would break my heart and it might just kill me.

Don’t let Obama destroy this country. Don’t let petty, foolish, personal issues send your vote elsewhere. We can’t afford that.

End the Need for Government Approval (Via Rechabite)

Gay marriage is a beautiful example as to why government approval is a bad thing, though it is but one of countless decisions we hope the government will recognize every day, looking for its holy approval.

He who controls our money controls our morality, and so long as we put so much of our money into the hands of the government, we will continue to struggle with its approval. The problem is, the government can offer its approval in only one direction, and regardless of that direction and however noble it seems, in a land full of 400,000,000 residents, one direction is not good enough.

Gay marriage is today’s hot button topic, so let’s look at it. The Christian Right and other conservative groups, including other faiths and even certain homosexual groups, demand that marriage remain only between a man and a woman, believing that male and female are the formation of holy union and that the government should only recognize it traditionally. Mainstream gay rights groups and other civil liberty organizations are banging down the door of discrimination and demanding the government recognize that homosexuals may marry.

But why are we demanding the government provide approval for either?

via End the Need for Government Approval.

Read the rest of the post at Rechabite’s website.

This is exactly how I feel. I don’t need to government to validate my relationship and outside the need for legal protections, like inheritance, visitation, and next of kin, I don’t need anything from the government to validate my feelings.

If I wanted a ‘marriage’, guess what? There are numerous religious institutions that will perform one for a gay couple.

I will be at the Right Online conference in Las Vegas on the 15th and 16th.

If any of my dear readers will also be at this conference then please let me know. It would be great to have someone to eat lunch with on Saturday.

I will be back on Monday with stories and photos of the weekend…well maybe not photos and maybe only carefully edited stories. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

In any case, I hope to return with all sorts of new tips and tricks for gaining a bigger readership and utilizing social media in a far more efficient manner than I have been. All taught by some of my favorite conservative commentators, such as Michelle Malkin and S.E. Cupp.


Happy Flag Day

And I’ll be wearing these earrings today.








I actually bought them for 4th of July, but this is an awesome day to break them in.

And for all of those people who say “I’m not proud of America” or “I’m not proud to be an American”. Well there’s the door, you don’t have to live here.

Republican war on what? Sorry, I can’t hear you over this liberal union employee beating an effigy of Nikki Haley.

We hear a lot about the “Republican War on Women” in which Republicans are supposedly trying to take away women’s birth control, our right to work, our right to have sex, our right to drive, our right to have bank accounts, our right to get divorces…

Oh wait, sorry, I got distracted by thoughts of the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood for a second.

Which is apparently what Liberals thinks we are.* Regardless of the fact that, outside of the religious right and Santorum (who no legitimate conservative listens too), no one in the Republican party wants to do anything of the kind.

But this post isn’t about that. I do have a couple of fantastic articles, by a very smart lady, about the ridiculousness of the “Republican War on Women”, but I don’t feel like addressing the issue again when she has done so already.

War on Women Part I

War on Women Part II


The really outrageous issue here is that, while Liberals are screaming about the War on Women being perpetrated by Conservatives, the Liberals are setting records for heinous activities toward women, both conservative and in general…and the “unbiased” media aren’t saying a word.

Curious, yes?


S.E. Cupp, a well known and fantastic conservative writer** and political commentator, was depicted in Hustler with an altered photo of herself, with a penis in her mouth. The page was titled “What would S.E. Cupp look like with a d*ck in her mouth?” along with this paragraph.

S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up joining the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.

(via article on The Blaze)

Now, admittedly, the page also contained a disclaimer that the picture was fake and had been photoshopped, but that isn’t the issue.

Where is the outcry at this horribly treatment of a female commentator? There was certainly outcry enough over the Sandra Fluke incident? Can you imagine the outcry if this had been a photo of Nancy Pelosi or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? S.E. certainly doesn’t feel any outcry on that level will come to her aid.

Cupp essentially laughed off the idea of any feminist organizations coming to her defense.

“The National Organization for Women, NOW, will not come out and say liberal women deserve more respect than conservative women and we are not going to defend conservative women. They’re not going to admit to that but let me tell you that is exactly how they feel,” she said.

Despite the storm of controversy that erupted after Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” on the radio, Cupp predicted she wouldn’t get the same reaction, even when “clearly by anyone’s standards this is worse.”

The Blaze

Despite the fact that she was “horrified and disgusted” by the image, S.E. Cupp complimented Hustler on one thing.

Cupp said she had to commend Hustler for their “honesty” in the image’s accompanying sidebar.

“S.E. Cupp is lovely, she’s smart, she’s fine but she happens be a crazy conservative who is pro-life and wants to defund Planned Parenthood and for that she deserves the phallus in her mouth — that is essentially what they’re saying and I have to commend that as being incredibly honest,” Cupp said.

She added, “They have uncomplicated this belief system that my political views, my being pro-life, my political views make this kind of behavior OK. It justifies it and I essentially deserve it. That is honesty and I have never seen it before.”

The Blaze

Michelle Malkin, another super sexy conservative writer and political commentator***, wrote an article on her blog about the situation as well, referencing a 4 year old article that she wrote called “The Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse” of which I have experienced all four, even in my relatively small contribution to the conservative female (and gay) writing pool.


While the previous repulsive story was going on, another repulsive, if not as explicit, event was going on in South Carolina where the, now retired, head of the local chapter of the AFL-CIO, Donna DeWitt, was applying a baseball bat to Governor Nikki Haley’s face…well a photo of her face on a pinata. As this was going on, DeWitt’s fellow union minions were shouting in the background “Hit her again! Whack her again!”

Oh yes, liberals really respect women.


For all the shouting about equal pay for women in the workplace, it’s a bit disturbing that neither Nancy Pelosi nor Barack Obama is putting their money where their mouth is.

Despite the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, odd reports are coming out that Nancy Pelosi’s female staff are being paid significantly less than the men on her staff.

According to publicly available salary data at the website Legistorm, Pelosi’s female employees earned an average annual salary of $96,394 in fiscal year 2011. Male employees earned $123,000 on average, a difference of 27.6 percent.

The gap is even larger if calculated using the median salaries for men and women. For Pelosi’s female employees, the median annual salary was $93,320 in 2011, compared to $130,455 for male employees—a difference of $37,135, or 40 percent.

Pelosi’s entire staff—men and women—earned an average annual salary of $108,150 and a median salary of $114,662. By both measures, women made considerably less.

The Washington Free Beacon

Pelosi’s response to questions about this strangely unequal situation with female staffers in the Senate was the she couldn’t comment on it and that the senate was “another world”.

Oh give me a break Pelosi, could you be more full of shit?****

On top of that, it appears that the White House has a similar issue with pay for their female employees.

Female employees in the Obama White House make considerably less than their male colleagues, records show.

According to the 2011 annual report on White House staff, female employees earned a median annual salary of $60,000, which was about 18 percent less than the median salary for male employees ($71,000).

– Free Beacon (via


Whose war on women? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your raging hypocrisy.


*Despite the fact that their lord and savoir, Obama, is considering getting into bed with both those organizations in some way. Because the Taliban was all warm and fluffy before Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood just got $1.5 Billion from Obama because they love equality for women. That was sarcasm…could you tell?

**Who I may or may not have harbored a major crush on for years. Apologies to my girlfriend, it’s not serious…

***I’m not objectifying them…I hope. Though it might be a bit weird if Malkin sees this before I have a chance to potentially meet her in a week or two in Las Vegas.

****Could that be anymore of a Friends reference?