I would just like to inform Mayor Bloomberg and Michelle Obama that I am drinking a huge soda and eating a king size candy bar. Come at me bro.

And I’m in great shape, my girlfriend says I’m hot, and I don’t need you to “protect” me from making choices about what junk food I eat. I’ve made it to where I am under my own power and self-control, I never even used a dieting program.

It’s public health initiative free for all in government these days. Everyone from Mayor Bloomberg of New York City to the First Lady Michelle Obama, are all busy trying to tell us what we should or shouldn’t put in our mouths.

Is it just me or is our current governing bodies becoming more and more like River Tam’s downright creepyfyin’ description of the Alliance in this clip?

This may seem like an odd thing for me to get worked up about. Even Bill Schulz and Greg Proops commented on Red Eye (on the June 1st episode) that Andy Levy was so worked up about this topic and they rarely see him with his dander up so much for anything.

However, it isn’t just about soda. Sure I think I should be able to drink as many 44oz. big gulps as I want, without anything or anyone other than my bank account complaining about it.* The bigger issue is best summed up by this quote.

“When you look at the history of the some of the initiatives, … they initially engendered a fair amount of criticism — the smoking ban being principle among them, I remember back in those days it was seen as unpopular and there were politicians that opposed it…I think people looking back will see this as a great accomplishment for public health, I think this is going to start a nationwide movement towards this, a nationwide trend. … I think it will prove to be very popular.”

– Howard Wolfson, the Deputy Mayor for Government Affairs (via Politicker)

I doubt Wolfson realized how clearly his words show the liberal agenda. It is a simple process, taking years or even decades, where they take away one small right after another…in the name of the “public good” or “public health” or whatever else they want to call it.

They wait until people’s ire dies down and then they come for the next little right. They are just trying to help us live better lives after all, we don’t know how to take care of ourselves, they just want to take the bad things away so we don’t have to worry about making bad decisions. Aren’t our nannies taking such good care of us?

Yeah…right. I haven’t needed that sort of babying since I was 12 years old. I don’t need it now.**

I’ve heard this compared to the prohibition of the 1920s, but I think that might be overstating. (Though I would like to note that the prohibition did more to create black market, organized crime in the United States than it did to get rid of alcohol.) However, how many more years before Bloomberg, or someone like him in NYC or some other city, decides that they can help the public stay healthy and out of harm, but limiting how many drinks I can buy in a bar or how large a bottle of tequila or rum I can buy?

How long before a smoking ban becomes an act that says a store that sells cigarettes can only sell 1 pack person?

Or an act that bans whole milk sales? (The Federal government already raids Amish farms that sell unpasteurized milk, it’s not a stretch).

An act that bans people from handing out “unhealthy” candy to children on Halloween?

An act that forbids the sale of snack foods or baked goods or candy bars at school events. (Oh wait, Massachusetts is already doing that.)

Or how about a ban on certain sizes of snack foods, across the board. It’s not far fetched, Michelle Obama’s pet organization, Partnership for a Healthier America (which “monitor[s] and publicly report[s] on the progress” of partners…to “make the healthy choice the easy choice.”) is already pressuring companies to phase out the sale of king size candy cars and reduce the size of their regular candy bars. With the FLOTUS at the reigns, it wouldn’t take much to go over the edge into a federal regulation.


The saddest part of this is people like this.

“I don’t necessarily think it is such a bad thing,” Sean Cashin, 47, told Reuters at a McDonald’s restaurant inManhattan.

“(Soda) is my drug of choice and I am dealing with the consequences of it,” Cashin said, referring to a struggle with his weight.

Chicago Tribune

Oh boo-fuckin’-hoo.

Cry me a freakin’ river.

The fact that you have no self control does not mean that I need to be controlled by the government.

This sentiment is the same one that causes former alcoholics (I’m looking at you Glenn Beck, you’re a smart guy, but I’m still looking at you) to support big government moralizers like Rick Santorum. Or big government immoralizers  like Obama…(not a jab at GB, but still true).

Your inability to control your intake of sugar, soda, big macs, alcohol, or cigarettes does not constitute a need on my part to become controlled for the “public health” by the government, whether it be on city, state, or federal levels.


The only good thing here is that peoplearegetting worked up over this and maybe we can finally start standing up for our rights and freedoms.

Just a couple of examples.

Middleboro School Committeeman Brian Giovanoni, whose board will discuss the mandatory meal makeover Thursday night, said, “My concern is we’re regulating what people can eat, and I have a problem with that. I respect the state for what they’re trying to do, but I think they’ve gone off the deep end. I don’t want someone telling me how to do my job as a parent. … Is the commonwealth of Massachusetts saying our parents are bad parents?”

Massachusetts issue (Boston Herald)

“I don’t think it should be left up to him (Mayor Bloomberg) to decide what I drink,” said Alonzo Johnson, an 18-year-old environmental science student. “I think we should be deciding it.”

Soda ban (Chicago Tribune)

And of course Andy Levy’s impassioned “Andy-gram” from above.


*Seriously, when I lived in the dorms at ASU, I used to hit up the local Circle K for gigantic sodas and king size candy bars when I was writing papers and studying for finals. You take that away from me and I will start hurting things…people…my grades.

**Okay, so sometimes I need babying when I’m sick. However, I go to to Doctor Mom for that, not even a regular hospital and certainly not Michelle Obama or Nancy Pelosi’s “loving” government arms.



  1. The problem is with that quote from Wolfson is that he suggests that people are fine with the smoking ban now. And just a lie. Patronage at bars dropped rapidly after the smoking ban was put in place and has never recovered to pre-smoking ban levels…i.e. it killed commerce and a part of the economy. People still hate it and would love to go to a bar in New York and smoke…but they can’t. Every ban is not only a further intrusion into our lives it kills the economy.

  2. The thing that irks me most about the government seeming to edge closer to placing a sort of regulation on foods deemed “unhealthy” by the FDA standards is that it further slides down the slippery slope of stripping away our freedoms as a US citizen. We seceded from an Imperialist England in order to have the freedom of choice and the right to live as free citizens, valuing each other’s independence, and the right to say “yes” or “no”. It’s not like fast food/junk food/snack food based companies are forcing their products down our throats–we each make the CHOICE to either consume or not. And don’t give me the whole argument of “healthy food is more expensive” BS–getting a “value” meal at any of the major corporate fast food chains these days costs normally around $8-$10. So, roughly, if buying dinner for a family of four? That’s nearly $35-$40 right there for one meal. The REAL issue most Americans, heck, most PEOPLE in general seem to have is taking responsibility for their own actions. Of course, it’s SO much easier to pin the blame of folly on someone else rather than fess up–who wants to face logic and reason when you can’t gain emotional pity through some circus ring media law suit of absurdity? (Then again, the beauty of this country is that we do have the right to file such law suits like, “McDonald’s MADE me fat” because it is our freedom to do so… But, it’s not just one sided, conflict never is.) Like the law of physics clearly states, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Bottom line: You eat unhealthy foods; you will experience the following repercussions. You eat healthy foods; you will experience the following repercussions. Fact is, YOU are making the choice–not your friend, your family member, food companies, and certainly not the government. Our freedom of speech has already suffered the marring effects of being made Politically Correct; I.e. Banning/editing works of classic and historical literature in schools, etc. If the very sustenance we eat becomes a federal regulation under law, what’s next? Regulating which spiritual belief to have? Regulating how many children are allotted per household? Regulating the indulgence of entertainment? Come on people, I know for a vast majority of you out there that the notion of THINKING and taking RESPONSIBILITY for yourself is horrifying beyond belief! Yet… Even more horrifying is giving up that freedom of choice to government laws and regulations. Choice is a powerful privilege Americans now have the right to exercise–I for one do not want to give that up. Besides, just wait long enough and I’m sure someone will come up with an app to make all your life decisions for you–making the government, law, morals, ethics, and sentient thought obsolete, anyway. At least machines do things more efficiently minus the mess of emotions. Until then? I’ll continue to indulge in my right to choose what to stuff my face with and how much. I choose to think.

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