End the Need for Government Approval (Via Rechabite)

Gay marriage is a beautiful example as to why government approval is a bad thing, though it is but one of countless decisions we hope the government will recognize every day, looking for its holy approval.

He who controls our money controls our morality, and so long as we put so much of our money into the hands of the government, we will continue to struggle with its approval. The problem is, the government can offer its approval in only one direction, and regardless of that direction and however noble it seems, in a land full of 400,000,000 residents, one direction is not good enough.

Gay marriage is today’s hot button topic, so let’s look at it. The Christian Right and other conservative groups, including other faiths and even certain homosexual groups, demand that marriage remain only between a man and a woman, believing that male and female are the formation of holy union and that the government should only recognize it traditionally. Mainstream gay rights groups and other civil liberty organizations are banging down the door of discrimination and demanding the government recognize that homosexuals may marry.

But why are we demanding the government provide approval for either?

via End the Need for Government Approval.

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This is exactly how I feel. I don’t need to government to validate my relationship and outside the need for legal protections, like inheritance, visitation, and next of kin, I don’t need anything from the government to validate my feelings.

If I wanted a ‘marriage’, guess what? There are numerous religious institutions that will perform one for a gay couple.