I usually smile and laugh and tell people that politics don’t make me angry.

But that’s just not accurate today.

I’m mad as hell and, as Michelle Malkin said at Right Online this year, why the hell shouldn’t I be!

Fast and Furious, Executive privilege, unconstitutional executive orders about immigration, unconstitutional healthcare reforms, spitting and shredding the constitution, lying at every turn, campaigning instead of governing, cheap shots, dirty campaigns, refusing to listen to Congress, saying the Supreme Court’s decisions don’t matter, leaks of top secret documents, money given to the Muslim Brotherhood, support to the Sharia based government in Libya, promises made to a corrupt new President in Russia where soldiers are burning our flag, destroying our foreign policies and turning our country against our allies.

This is not something that we can not afford to allow to continue.

Every time I hear someone say they aren’t going to vote for Romney, for whatever reason they have, I want to punch something.

What are you thinking?

Do you want Obama to WIN?

Get your head screwed on straight and stop screwing over our country.

There is NO REASON good enough in this race to justify NOT voting for Romney this November. Even if you have issues with him, read that paragraph I wrote starting with ‘Fast and Furious’ again. Can anything you fear with Romney be worse than this?

I have very good reasons to vote FOR Romney. I’ve been supporting him for months.

So even if you can’t find a good reason to vote FOR Romney, right now all you have to do is look at Washington’s current leader and his cronies to find a reason

I don’t care what personal reasons you had for casting a ballot for someone else in the primaries, now that Romney is the nominee we can’t afford to vote for anyone else. If Giuliani and Bachmann announced a write in campaign (and I love Giuliani and Bachmann) I would still be voting for Romney, because he’s the one who can beat Obama.

And Obama cannot win.

I love this country more than I love my own life, but that’s why I can’t sit here and watch Obama tear this country down and destroy her foundations for another 4 years, so that he can rebuild her in his own image.

I swear by all that I consider holy that I will leave this country if Obama is re-elected. This is more than “going Galt” like I’ve seen some people threaten. This isn’t even a temporary idea, I will leave this country, I will get citizenship and I will throw my knowledge into fighting for that country.

Because, if Obama wins the election in November, then this country may no longer be worth fighting for. The things I love about this country will slowly, but surely, be chipped away and I can’t be here for that. It would break my heart and it might just kill me.

Don’t let Obama destroy this country. Don’t let petty, foolish, personal issues send your vote elsewhere. We can’t afford that.


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