Conservatives believe in equal opportunity sexiness.

And so do I.

Hey, I may only shop for dresses, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a well-tailored suit when I see one.

Anyway, I always look forward to Right Wing News’ “20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media”. This year’s was no different, great choices from the judges.

Of course Conservatives aren’t sexist (no matter how often Liberals would like to paint us that way) and we know that our Conservative men are just as sexy as the ladies on our side of the aisle. So my friend over at Dirty Sex & Politics put together the first, annual (I hope), “20 Sexiest Conservative Men in New Media”.

Let me just say, this isn’t photoshop y’all. I met several of these men (and the several of the women as well) at Right Online this year. They actually are that hot in person.

Check it out, support the movement back to conservatism, constitutionalism, and sexiness, and leave a comment at DS&P’s site while your at it.


New post on my two favorite topics soon. Romney and Education…and laughing at liberals…so my THREE favorite topics.



  1. First Annual indeed!!! And I have to say what is cracking me up at publishing this list is how many times I’ve been called “sexist” since about 12 hours ago. I’ve had a few comments saying it was just sad. And even worse some of those comments came from our Right side of the aisle.
    You are spot on. Um, first of all within the realms of the superficial, why can’t we promote some of our own based on their yumminess factor? Haha!! How many freaking women went and saw “Magic Mike” last weekend? Uh millions!
    But in my original post announcing the contest we defined sexy as Men who are passionately fighting for our rights. More than anything, aside from the ogling, I wanted to give some exposure and ego boosts, and support to these men fighting like hell. It makes a girl feel good!
    And the response was overwhelming. Thousands of hits within just a few hours of the list being published.
    We DO have some serious sexiness going on within our midst.
    So the stuffed suits and closed minded haters can bite my lily white…assets. This was fun! And why they think we aren’t allowed to have fun is beside me. I’m listing it under my pursuit of happiness! ha
    You are ALL kinds of awesome Meredith!!! Keep preaching the truth Sexy Girl!!!

    • Why is it sexist to tell someone how attractive (and intelligent, since you totally didn’t make these decisions based only on the golden ratio) and to make them feel good about themselves?
      That just drives me nuts.

      Sexiness should be encouraged. There is nothing wrong with it and nothing wrong with letting people know that they are sexy, both in brain and body. I feel the same way you do, if someone doesn’t like it…then they just have a problem with fun.

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