It’s a nice sentiment and I believe it. So why do liberals want my sexual orientation to determine my politics?

Or my friends,
my politics,
my religion,

I’ve seen this picture numerous times, or ones similar to it.

Usually posted by people or organizations that I’ve had intense disagreements with over the fact that they seem to believe that I can’t be a conservative if I’m gay…or that I can’t be gay if I’m a conservative. I’ve heard it both ways.

I’ve even, recently, dealt with someone who told me outright that being gay was a political position and that I crazy if I thought that being gay only dealt with your sexuality. (This was a liberal who said this, I haven’t had this reaction from any of the conservatives I’ve talked too. Including the ones I met at Right Online this year).

So please, explain to me how my sexual orientation doesn’t choose all of the things mentioned in that drawing…but it does choose my politics, because I’m failing to see how these things are different.



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  2. It’s the exact same thing with atheism, to the point where I no longer discuss it in blogs, conversations, or anywhere else. A couple days ago I tried to remove the 12-year-old Darwin sticker from my bumper (impossible no matter what product you use). I ended up putting a spay/neuter sticker over it.

    I can’t help what I don’t believe. Doesn’t change me wanting to save my country though.

  3. I believe in individuality for all and from this develops their own truths/principals and that is how one’s life is led from there – I do not think sexual orientation has an affect on any of this – it just is – how they deal with it would be predicated by the principals they follow but it would never change it as one is physical/born that way and one is thought based. People need to get over wanting to follow everyone into their bedrooms and stay in their own and worry about only what goes on in their own
    Keep going – be happy and I love reading your blogs!

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