Remember my disgust over the ban on large sodas in New York City?

When I wrote this post?


Yeah, turns out the citizens of New York City are just as disgusted as me. Which is wonderful.

New Yorkers opposed to the Bloomberg administration’s proposed soda ban announced today that they will be gathering for a “Million Big Gulp March” at City Hall Park on Monday in protest of the mayor’s latest crackdown on large drinks.

The event will feature speakers including Dan Halloran, New York City Councilman and congressional candidate in the 6th district, City Councilwoman Letita James, renowned investor and news contributor Peter Schiff of EuroPacific Capital, and several other notable politicians and community activists.

“New Yorkers are seeking answers other than ‘more government’ when it comes to solving issues easily remedied by self-responsibility.  The ‘Million Big Gulp March’ is about more than just the size of drinks, it is our long-overdue response to a governing ideology that thinks it can tell us what fat we can cook with, how much popcorn we can buy, whether we can use table salt, or even how much water we can bathe with and use in each flush.  It’s astonishing to see a pro-choice mayor be so anti-choice when it comes to such trivial personal decisions.

“It’s high time we stop the nanny-government invading our kitchens, restaurants, movie theaters and bathrooms, and instead use our limited tax and police resources on real crime.  We, as individuals, can educate ourselves and eat healthfully on our own, showing Mayor Bloomberg that New Yorkers can take care of themselves,” stated Zach Huff, NYC Liberty HQ’s “Million Big Gulp March” Spokesman.

I’ve got nothing else to add.

Just glad to see that there are actually people with brains in NYC still.

Now I’ll just go back to getting a fatwah declared on me by pissing off supporters of Palestine, inadvertently, on Tumblr.