Local Affairs and Obamacare

I mean, there are plenty of reasons to hate it. Members of our legislature can propose some nutty things (of course they rarely pass), our state university is a joke (then again, so are most state universities to my knowledge), and the heat is deplorable…unless you live in Flagstaff (liberal central), Prescott (surprisingly not as much of a liberal central, despite being an art community) or any of the other tiny little northern towns (I’m a big fan of Jerome, which is a tiny tourist trap with awesome ‘haunted’ hotels and beautiful old architecture…but also very liberal). And I live in a town that was founded by people crazy enough to put our town in a valley surrounded by mountains so that we never get rain (I love rain.)

But Arizona does have it’s good point. I know that other people (not me*) love the mild winters. This state loves their second amendment rights (Tombstone anyone? I’ve been there, if you go don’t eat at the Crystal Palace Saloon, I was sick for a week…just sayin’.) The fact that you can drive 2 hours and change climates completely is awesome and the fact that I live in a city whose founders named their town after a bird that burns to death regularly (which I usually feel like I will do in the summer) and were crazy enough to put our town in a valley surrounded by mountains so that we never get any rain. Also we don’t have Daylight Savings Time.

Also, sometimes the people are freakin’ amazing.

See, I may live in Arizona, but I’ve always been far more worried about the national political scene and I spent very little time paying attention to the local political scene** and as a result I sometimes miss stuff.

So then I see something like this on tumblr and I wonder where I was when this happened.

Joseph M. Scherzer, M.D. told the Daily Caller that he ‘plans to stop practicing before 2014 when the bill’s full impact will be felt because he refuses to deal with the headache of increased government involvement in health care.’ Perhaps he neglected to mention as well longer waiting lines, fewer doctors (as he exemplifies), cut backs in Medicare reimbursement and a myriad of other issues that will destroy doctor morale. There is a caveat to Dr. Joseph M. Scherzer’s plan to throw in the towel and he said as much on a sign taped to the front door of his office. Unless Congress or the Courts Repeal the Bill:

Left Coast Rebel***

People like this make me love my state. We have so many bold people here that refuse to be taken in by all the BS that politicians in DC (and even our own state) try to feed us. Scherzer has a blog, by the way.

83% of Doctors have considered quitting because of Obamacare, Scherzer isn’t alone in this.

Now we just need to win the Senate, keep the House, and eject Obama from the White House.

November, here we come.


*I love to bitch about the cold, but I actually love frigid weather…especially if I can stay indoors with a fire and only venture into the snow for an hour or so at a time, but I hate having to drive 2 hours to see snow in the winter. I also hate having to wait until December to wear sweaters and jackets…and forget about coats.

**Though I firmly hold that any fuck-ups in the city of Phoenix are not my fault. I didn’t vote for Stanton. I voted for Wes Gullet.

***I’d like to note that Left Coast Rebel did an interview with Obama’s second cousin, Dr. Milton R. Wolf, M.D., who is a huge nay-sayer of Obamacare.



  1. Ah yes, Shezerer. A dermatologist. And an outspoken critic of insurance in general.

    You see, doctors can, if they are good enough, make far more money doing fee for service then accepting insurance. And apparently the good doctor…well… is not that good.

    And the sad truth is- with the costs of health care constantly rising- for reasons ranging from simple greed to the high level (and cost) of technology and skills, the costs of 8+ years of college (and continuing education), mapractice, and a multitude of other reasons- a majority of americans can NOT afford fee for service , and many more can not afford being diagnosed with the dreaded “pre-existing condition” that will prevent them from obtaining, or cause them to loose, health insurance.

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