Oh look, we found Julia and the Secret Service is investigating her.

While I was celebrating my 22nd birthday last night, The Blaze was interviewing Julia Rodriguez, a delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

Looks like we found that Julia character that Obama is helping so very much.*

By the way, the secret service is investigating her for saying that she would kill Governor Romney if she ever saw him in person.

“Romney will destroy this country completely” she repeated angrily.  Then, Rodriguez grabbed the microphone and emotionally screamed “If I see him” referring to Romney “I would like to kill him!”

-The Blaze

Charming lady, I can see why Obama is so desperate to please her. He might just be scared for his life.


And as a last comment about women at the DNC, here’s my parting thought about Sandra Fluke and her dumb-ass speech.

Liberals want to say Conservatives think Sandra Fluck is a whore. No conservative thinks that. After all, whores earn their money.


*I’m aware that this is not the actual woman in the video. That Julia, like Obama’s girlfriend, was just an amalgamation of all the traits of the women who want to rely on the government to be their sugar daddy, but this coincidence was too delicious to pass up.