Let’s Roll

Last year I posted a video on here because I literally do not believe that my words could do real justice to my feelings about 9/11. That song was a tribute the first responders, Believe by Yellowcard. That song makes me cry every time I hear it.

This year I’m posting a song that is more a tribute to Flight 93, Let’s Roll by DC Talk. I’m not a Christian, but when it came out I was very involved in the church and I loved the band. I still love this song and it gets across my feelings today very accurately.

I don’t think I will ever pass a September 11th without tears for the rest of my life. For better or worse, so many of us have had our lives shaped by this event. Loved ones lost, peace of mind lost, family or friends lost in the aftermath and in the war to get the sons of bitches who attacked our country.

The men and women of Flight 93 were heroes on that day and will be heroes in American history for as long as we remember them.

We can all only hope that we could be that brave if the time came.

My friend, over at Dirty Sex & Politics, has written a beautiful post for today. I highly recommend reading it.


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