Gobsmacking intellectual dishonesty from liberals who think we are too dumb to notice.

I think I’ve known this all along, somewhere in the back of my head, but the attacks on American Embassies throughout the Islamic world have really hit home how stupid, dishonest, and utterly outrageous the liberal view of Islam is.

I’m beginning to wonder if the liberal part of the population walks around with nothing between their ears, but air. How else could they possibly believe their own intellectually dishonest and politically correct bullshit?

Perhaps, similar to the early days of Catholicism, the leaders know what they are saying is complete shit, but they keep feeding it to their peons. However, in this day and age of readily available informatiom, that sort of ignorance doesn’t exactly reflect well on the lower echelons of liberalism and it doesn’t reflect well on the upper echelons when their views are so stupid that they can only get empty headed, Che Guevara t-shirt wearing, marijuana smoking dunderheads to buy their words.

The only other option is that the liberal leaders actually buy their own bullshit as well…which is just too scary for me to contemplate at this juncture. (I would bet on that being the case with Pelosi, Reid, Buffet, and Biden though…)

Now that I have the main insult portion of the evening done, let me discuss the truly hypocritical and hilariously (or obscenely) stupid notion of Islam that liberals keep trying to feed us.

Liberals keep telling us that Islam is the religion of peace. Over and over we hear a line that is either fed by the fact that they have never read the Quran, never watched the news, never listened to the sermons given by Imams in the Middle East, or simply willful ignorance and self-delusion.

But, suppose, for a brief moment, that they are right.

If Islam IS the religion of peace, then there should be no instances of violence fueled by the religion.

If it IS peaceful, then we should be free to criticize it without fear as we criticize any other religion in our country.

Stop supposing, that moment is over.

You can clearly see that this is not the case.

I actively consider my own safety when I post a cartoon of Mohammed on my political tumblr.

Our secretary of state and our President spend more time calling a youtube video “Disgusting And Reprehensible” than they do making it clear that they do making it clear that innocent American citizens being murdered is NOT acceptable.

They spend time saying that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” and apologizing for America’s freedom of speech.

They drag citizens in for questioning when they make a video that speaks the truth about the background of Mohammed.

They are TERRIFIED of Islam.

They KNOW that Islam is not a religion of peace.

How else can you explain their quick decision to roll over and submit to them, apologize for American citizens exercising their rights, and beg and plead with us to not criticize this ‘religion of peace’.

That’s not going to happen, by the way.

I DID post that cartoon of Mohammed on my tumblr, because freedom of speech is something I would willingly die for, along with the other freedoms we have in this country.

But liberals need to realize we aren’t buying their act. Their speech of ‘Islam is a religion of peace and they would never do anything to harm anyone, but please don’t criticize them or speak out against them, because they might start killing us…even though they are peaceful and their religion advocates nothing, but peace.’


Stop lying.

This is level of stupidity and a line that NO ONE in this country should be buying.

A religion of peace does not react to a video that mocks their religion with murder and rioting and burning flags.

A religion of peace does not advocate a ban on criticism of their religion, because what is there to criticize  if it is so peaceful and enlightened.

I would call Buddhism a religion of peace much more readily than Islam and I know Buddhists aren’t exactly lobbying to ban negative speech against them. Mostly because Buddhists just don’t give a fuck what other people think, which, honestly, is the only reasonable way to live. Who wants to go through life getting angry at every person who disagrees with them? If I did that, I’d never have a moment of low blood pressure in my life.

More importantly though, your government doesn’t have to restrict your criticism of a peaceful religion. You don’t have to second guess yourself and wonder whether getting your words out there is worth the potential blow-back and danger to yourself and your family.

No, Islam is not a religion of peace and liberals are aware of this, or they are just plain stupid.

Liars or morons are your choices, neither option make for good leaders.


Here’s Pat Condell’s letter to the rioting Muslims around the world.

Co-signed, Me. I agree with him all the way.



  1. Actually, Islam is a very peaceful religion. I have many Muslim friends, and I know a lot about their religion. It’s a case of letting a certain event change your entire view on a subject,and there are extremists in every religion. What needs to happen is for people to look past that and see the good. The Qur’an actually does not encourage activities such as burning flags and such.
    America has killed plenty of innocent Middle Eastern citizens too. Many people blame Islam because it has a more high-profile extremist population, for lack of a better term.
    When someone burns an American flag, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be jumping up and down with rage, and that some Americans will riot and go crazy. What is needed is acceptance and tolerance of each religion and nationality. In some parts of the US in particular, Islam is heavily discriminated against. However, in the UK, Islam is a part of everyday life, because the UK as a whole has chosen to embrace the culture. Islam, as I said earlier, is a peaceful religion- and people have to accept and actually learn about it before you chose to state otherwise.

    • No, no it’s not.
      I don’t care how many muslims you know and how peaceful they are personally, that has NOTHING to do with the fact that the religion itself (have you ever READ the Quran?) advocates subjugation of women and death to anyone who will not convert or pay taxes to Islamic countries.

      American flags are REGULARLY burned in foreign countries, both in the Middle East and in Russia in recent months/years. Americans have NEVER rioted at the embassies or murdered people for this. Get your facts straight.

      If a Bible was burned, Christians would probably be mad and denounce the person who did it.
      If a Quran is burned, the person is either imprisoned or executed (if they can be caught) or has a fatwah issued for them.

      As for your comment about Great Britain, how is this reasonable http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/myjihad-muslims-enforcing-sharia-on-streets-of-britain-video/
      Or Anjem Choudary’s attempt to create “Sharia controlled zones” where people are subject to Muslim law, not British law. That is not the mark of a reasonable religion.

      Or how about the fact that a large percentage of countries where homosexuality is still punishable by death or prison are Islamic countries. Iran recently hanged several gay men. How very peaceful and civilized.

      You clearly know nothing about this religion that wasn’t fed to you through a lens of political correctness. Goodbye, you are dismissed.

      • Actually, I took classes on religion at school, even though I myself am an atheist. In the UK, we’re encouraged to learn an accept others faiths, or at least to understand them. If you met a Muslim who was a nice person, against discrimination, who you could be friends with, would you refuse just because of their religion?
        There are Christian extremists too.
        Flags are burned in so many countries, it’s a point of show rather than actual rage in some cases.
        I totally respect your opinion (although I don’t agree with it but any means), but I could totally claim that your opinions on religion were fed to you through political correctness too. I formulate my own opinions, and actually have no allegiance to a set political party or viewpoint.

        • You took classes on religion at school? In the UK? The home of rampant political correctness.

          You didn’t answer my question, have you read the Quran?

          In my belief system I’m encouraged to learn about other religions and ideas and judge them accordingly, not simply accept them.

          I have been friends with several Muslims over the years, I disagreed with their religion vehemently and we had several very loud debates over it. In the end they ended up agreeing with on the topic, admitting that Islam was inherently very flawed and violent toward women, gays and other faiths, but that they were “moderate” Muslims who chose to pick and choose what they followed. I still have issues with that, as the philosophical tenants of Islam annoy me. (Such as denying the divinity of the soul).

          How many Christian extremists in the last 20 years have flown planes into buildings or murdered ambassadors?

          I don’t respect your opinion at all, but thanks.

          My opinions where fed through anything other than research and facts, unlike your emotional anecdotes.

            • I’ve heard of GOOD sarcasm, that wasn’t it.

              You know, I asked you several questions in a comment earlier which you never answered. Care to take a crack at those, since you are clearly still reading this blog and don’t have anything better to do.

            • It shows up in my email program. Trust me, I’m not an avid follower. I’ll say this and then leave, because your blog really isn’t something I want to stick around; its fine that you don’t like certain aspects of a religion or country. I myself have ,any issues with religion. However, throwing around insults and being prejudice and racist is not okay.
              In regards to ’emotional anecdotes’- My opinions are formed through my own /clear/ judgement and knowledge. I take religious studies, as a matter of fact, exploring religions social aspects too.
              I respect your opinion, and feel that I have a right to debate it without being insulted. Thank you for at least trying to be respectful.

            • You can unsubscribe you know.

              You take religious studies as a matter of fact? You meant that you take whatever a teacher tells you as absolute truth and don’t actually read the books or make your own opinion? Fascinating.

              You still never answered my question on whether or not you had actually read the Quran yourself, not just excerpts or bits given to you by your professors.

              Disliking Islam does not make me racist, it’s a religion not a race.
              And being prejudiced against a religion which, in countries where it runs the government for the most part, regularly whips and imprisons women for being raped and executes or imprisons gay people, is just common sense.

  2. I’m paraphrasing someone else here, and I wish I could remember who so I could get the right wording and put an attribution,…
    “If every Christian in the world actually followed the words of Christ and tried to live by the standards he lived by the world would be a better place. If every Muslim in the world actually followed the words of Mohammed and tried to live by the standards he lived by they would be imprisoned for crimes against humanity.”
    The thing you fail to realize is that Christian extremist often are acting directly against the morality taught in the Bible, picking and choosing which lines to follow and which not to, and doing a bad job of it–whereas Muslim extremists are actually following their religion to the letter.

      • You should check again. Nazi were very efficient at whipping out all religions. Outlawing miracles, requiring that all crosses be removed from houses of worship, that the Bible be replaced by Mein Kampf. By law and by force God was removed and replaced by the Führer, religion removed and replaced by the stated. But please don’t take my word for it see “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” by Shirer Chapter 8 Life in the Third Reich:The Persecution of Christian Churches and The Nazification of Culture or perhaps The Third Reich: A New History by Burleigh Chapter 8 Section Police Man’s Ball. Both books are cornerstone texts in the study of Nazi Germany and both unequivcally show that Nazism was out to destroy Christianity and all religion.

        “Nazism represented a sustained assault on fundamental Christian values, regardless of any tactical obeisance to the purchase it had on most Germans. […] The mission here and now, for utopian ends on earth, became a substitute for the futility of earthly existence and the majesty of God.”–Shirer

  3. Sasha, So what you’re actually saying is this:-
    Islam is peaceful because I have peaceful friends who identify themselves as Muslims.
    This is like saying:-
    Naziism was a peaceful ideology because there were Nazis who actually tried to help the jews.
    Can’t see a problem with this? If you do have friends that identify themselves as Muslim and they are genuinely peace loving, secular and tolerant then it’s in spite of Islam not because of it.
    I don’ know how much more simply I can explain this. Maybe, when you read things and when you see the word Islam try and think naziism rather than Muslim.

  4. anyway Goodbye all. I’m off to try and reason with the blogger that runs this site:-
    Come and join me and get an insight into how vile the thought process of the left really is. I used to believe that most on the left are merely misguided (Like Sasha in this post and Sasha must be called out because she and others like her have the ability to vote us all into slavery) but a trip to the anti-american, anti-semite bocktherobber.com quickly puts that myth to bed.
    Sorry Meredith don’t want to steal your readers. Anyway readers don’t bother. bocktherobber and his readers are simply beyond help. Best to try and reason with people like Sasha.

  5. So pretty much you’re assuming that all Muslims are interpreting the Qu’ran the same way? That is extremely unrealistic, some interpret it one way and some will interpret it the other way. Sure some people will use religion to excuse violence but most religions have people like that. If you say Islam is a violent religion then you have to admit that most other religions are violent too. The Christian bible goes on at length at One point about stoning a women to death. Also on the topic of feminism Buddhism along with many other religions treat women as inferior to men.

    • No, I’m saying that Islam ITSELF is inherently more violent and if a Muslim is practicing it in the way that Mohammed preached, they would be a terrorist or a sociopath by any standard of morality outside of Islam.
      Yes, many people do interpret it differently or pick and choose which sections they will follow in the religion, but that doesn’t not change the inherent violence of the religion.

      Can you defend the religion without attacking other religions and claiming “well they are just as bad”? Does that mean we should ignore the fact that this religion is still practiced, in all it’s violent misogyny and hatred of others, in Middle Eastern countries?

      Have you ever read the Quran? In a side by side comparison the commands of the Quran are WORLDS more violent than the ones of the Bible anyway.

  6. What I meant when I replied before was that even if you only compare the violent parts of the Qur’an and the whole Bible the Bible is still much more violent. If you are comparing the whole Qur’an then really there is much more good then bad. I’be read both the Qu’ran and the Bible and truthfullly there’s a reason there has to be a child’s version of the Bible but the Qu’ran remains mostly unchanged in it’s contents in all versions.

    • Around 40 or 50% of the Bible is comprised of HISTORIES you know that right? Not necessarily commandments or ways to live life.
      On the other hand, the Quran is predominantly comprised of commandments and religious lessons, not just simple histories.
      Yes, there is a LOT of violence in the Bible. The difference is in the intent, of which the Bible has it to pass down histories and the Quran contains commandments to Muslims, if you can’t understand that you aren’t worth my time.

    • @katherine. We know that Christianity has had a violent past and there still exist extreme elements today and we condemn this also. One is a small problem and one is an enormous problem so each problem should be treated very differently.
      20000 (no, its not a typo) seperate and Deadly terrorist attacks committed in the name of islam in the past 10 years. This is one of the reasons people like meridith have setup websites like this and you better hope that people like meridith win the argument we are currently engaged in otherwise future generations will have a bloody war on their hands.

        • anytime, absolutely anytime Meredith. Thank you for having the courage to stand up up for what is right. One day I’ll come out (pardon the pun) and I’ll have as much courage as you to be out in the open about this.

          People come on here and attack you for defending human rights, in the name of defending human rights. What could be more perverse?

          What race is Islam? As far as I know, there are people of every walk of life, creed , colour and background attacking the worst elements of Islam. If somebody states that you are a racist for doing this, then it says far more about them. The People who claim that somebody who is “critical of Islam=racist” usually fall into one of three categories:-

          1) Somebody who has an agenda in advancing this dreadful ideology. i.e. a) Muslims who understand their religion in the same way I do. b) Politicians who are too spineless to stand up to it. How did we ever get these people? Churchill will be throwing away his whiskey and stubbing out his cigar in his grave.
          2) People who know the truth but have been so tragically indoctrinated into the multi-culti lie that even when they know something is wrong they will still tow the left-wing multi-culti lie for fear of being called intolerant or oh my god, a racist.
          3) The really ignorant and stupid. The ignoramuses that read left-wing rags, etc, etc and believe themselves to be far more informed than they actually are. They say things like “Christianity is just as bad as Islam” and by saying this they feel an overwhelming sense of intellectual and moral superiority. Give them an opportunity to back up what they’re saying with pertinent questions and they turn off the conversation and switch on reality TV. “That guy who scratched his nuts should have been voted off you know”

          Do you have a 4 or 5 Meredith or have I summed it up accurately?


  7. @katherine. The MSM rarely reports negatively when it comes to islam. Given this fact and the fact western governments also whitewash the negative impact islam has in society leaves the average person totally unaware of the growing danger.

  8. The Myth of Islamic/Muslim toleration towards other religions in North America

    I have had several requests for information about whether the terrorist attacks are characteristic of Islam in general or were they an aberration? Many ask, “Though obviously most Muslims in North America do not in anyway condone the violence in New York City (World Trade Centre) and the Pentagon, does the Koran? In other words, when we hear that the terrorists in no way reflect the true nature of Islam, is that correct?”

    The basic principle here is that Western society and Islamic society cannot coexist. When Muslims become strong enough, they will demand the implementation of “Shariah.” Shariah is Islamic law that is based upon the Qur’an and Ahadith. This is the law that makes women virtual prisoners in a man’s house, causes the to wear the veil, and makes them second class citizens. It is the law that demands the execution of those who blaspheme Muhammad, Islam or the Qur’an. This is the law that will not allow Christians to attempt to convert a Muslim and will imprison or execute a Muslim convert unless he recants. This is the law the required US soldiers in Desert Storm to hide their Bibles. This is the law that Muslims want to see replace the constitution of the United States.

    Islam has historically developed in four stages:

    1. Evangelism:

    Evangelism continues until persecution arises or Muslims have developed a large power base. Characterized by great tolerance of others and their beliefs Don’t be fooled by the “tolerant” face of Muslims you meet in the US today.

    2. Consolidation

    A power base is now established Tolerance diminishes and greater demands are placed upon adherents

    3. Revolution

    All opposition, no matter what kind, is challenged and either eradicated or subdued

    4. Islamic State

    The Qur’an becomes the “law of the land.” Religions other than Islam are forbidden to evangelize.

    If the Muslims can overcome by peaceful means, that is the avenue that they will take, but if they cannot win by peaceful means, “jihad” is the next step. Most American and European Muslims advocate co-existence and will quote the Qur’an, Surah (chapter) 2, Ayah (verse)

    256 where it says: 2:56. There is no compulsion in religion; truly the right way has become clearly distinct from error; therefore, whoever disbelieves in the Shaitan and believes in Allah he indeed has laid hold on the firmest handle, which shall not break off, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.

  9. ISIS::Islam as The Crusades::Christianity
    9/11::Christianty as The Slaughter of American Natives::Christiantity
    Female Circumscision::Islam as Male Circumscision::Christianity
    The Belief That Homosexuality is a Sin Punishable by Death::Islam as The Belief That Homosexuality is a Sin Punishable By Death::Christianity

    The countries engaging in extremist Islamic activities are, much like Germany in the 30’s, filled with de rate people who can barely get by day to day, who have had their countries stripped of all their money and industries beyond their control. They’ve been taken advantage of by madmen and manipulators who have sold them a pervert d and murderous version of a usually reasonable belief system as a cure-all for their problems. If you do what we tell you, all the constant suffering you’re going through will have been for something.

    If the U.S. went through even have this shit Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan et al., had gone through, the religious wing nuts would move from evangelizing on TV to rounding up desperate people and telling them that God wants them to execute, say, all the Catholics or Budhists. Hell, they pretty much HAVE been saying that, under a filter of socially acceptable language.

    Religion isn’t the problem. THERE IS no ONE problem; not religion, not economics, not leadership. And as tempting as it is to believe, citing one thing as the malignant cancer that, if we just wipe it for the face of the earth, will make everything okay? THAT’S WHAT MAKES MORE PROBLEMS.

    • Islam and Christianity are only similar in the most superficial of ways and actually, if you understand the Greek, there is no section that dictates the death of homosexuals.
      If the Crusades (something that is not dictated in the Bible at all) are as close as you can come to being similar to the terrorism of Islam (which is 100% dictated in the Quran) then you need to go away now.
      I’ve actually read the Bible and I’ve read the Quran, there’s very little similarity once you’ve read the books in context.

      As to your second point. ISIS membership is widely fed from out of the country recruits, which are mostly middle to upper class. This has little to do with the lower class or the “desperation” of the poor in these countries. Upwards of 70% believe that suicide bombers get rewarded by Allah and that murderous Jihad is perfectly acceptable and encouraged by Muhammed and Allah.

      I grew up in the Bible Belt, which would undoubtedly be the area you think that would want to start killing people. I grew up in some very fundamentalist churches and THAT is not an accurate view of their beliefs of how they would behave.
      I get that you just hate religion and think that all religions can lead equally to insanity and murder, but that’s your problem and your ignorance, not mine.

      While you may be right that there are more than one factor, never think that the religion is not the #1 malignant cancer. You are an idiot if you think this is not the case.

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