A thought experiment (via Conservative New Ager) and a few follow up thoughts on my letter to the editor.

Before we begin this thought experiment, a disclaimer. If you burn anyone’s holy book intentionally you’re an asshole (burning a trash heap and they just happen to be in there, that’s not intentional). That is a given. No need to really discuss it because the assholishness of the act is self-evident. It shouldn’t be a crime, but if you do it just to be obnoxious, there is something wrong with you.Now for our thought experiment.

If I burned a copy of the Tao Te Ching, how many Taoist do you think would riot?

If I shredded….(continued at link)

via A thought experiment.

I might have shared this before, but it seems pertinent to share again…especially given that my letter to the editor now has a complete collection of response letters.

As one of the intelligent responses (probably the only one) said: Your reactions were all very dramatic and, ultimately, only proved that Ms. Walker’s assessment was, at least in part, right. The reaction to her criticism was completely disproportionate to the criticism itself.

So from me, to the State Press and all those who responded to my letter, I extend a heart felt thanks.

You proved my point completely. Learn to take criticism where criticism is due. This religion is not based around peaceful ideology (which was my point, my point was not ‘all muslims are crazed terrorists’ as you seem to be thinking, can you read?), this religion is not respectful of women, homosexuals, or Jews.

Quite simply, you are lying through your teeth…or still deluding yourself.