You’re an idiot if you think GOP will outlaw abortion (via The Conservative New Ager)

So that barely qualified moderator at the VP debate opened up the can of worms that is the pointless abortion debate once again (probably on orders from Dem. higher ups to try and once again churn up this dumb “War on Women”…ignoring that it is this administration which is pumping money to the very anti-women Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, negotiating with the very same Taliban who shoots girls if they dare to try and learn, and views all women as nothing but Julia who must be taken care of because they couldn’t possibly do anything for themselves*

But this brought up two points.

The first being that you’re an idiot if you think Republicans are going to outlaw abortion?

Why are you an idiot?

via You’re an idiot if you think GOP will outlaw abortion.

I felt this made a great follow up to my post about why a constitutional amendment on abortion, birth control, of gay marriage would never happen.


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  1. I agree it’s not going to happen. I am still concerned that a lot of Americans either (A) don’t understand the Constitution or (B) Don’t care what it says, or perhaps even appreciate its existence. That’s the larger issue for me.

    I’ve just about come to the conclusion that I will need to hold my nose and vote for Romney. I can’t get libertarian friends to give me any even semi-intelligent reasons for voting for Gary Johnson. If they think their “protest vote” will be interpreted by Romney supporters as good cause to sit down and listen to libertarians’ views, they have lost their marbles.

    If Obama wins, because too many people voted for Johnson, Republicans will be far too angry at libertarians to listen to a word we say for at least the next four years. Perhaps ever.

    I have my mail-in ballot, and I’m ready to fill it out with a vote for Romney. But libertarians will be making a LOT of noise over the next four years if Romney wins this. His election will be viewed by us not as an end in itself, but as only the beginning.

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