How exactly does this promote ‘equality’? A question for gay liberals and The Advocate.

Would you like to know which news story is conspicuously absent from The Advocate today?

No, it’s not the latest hatchet job attempt to make Romney into a vicious homophobe. They have a new article doing that every other day.

It’s not an outraged article about how offensive the Timberlake/Biel wedding video was to Transsexuals. That’s on the top of the main page.

And it’s certainly not an article about the ’25 gayest Halloween movies’.

No, the story that is 100% absent from a website that claims to be “The World’s Leading LGBT News Source” is a story of an assault on a gay man in Wisconsin, which has been reported on by the Daily Caller and The Examiner.

Why is this story not being reported on by The Advocate? I certainly can’t claim to know their reasoning, but I feel like it probably has to do with the fact that Kyle Wood, who is currently in the hospital following the assault in his own home yesterday morning, is a Republican who is a full-time volunteer for Chad Lee’s Republican campaign for the House.*

Wood told The Daily Caller that vandalism preceding the assault, along with his attacker’s statements during the incident, suggested his sexual orientation and his politics each played a role.

“I was getting ready for work and there was a knock at the door,” Wood emailed The Daily Caller late Wednesday. “I opened it, and a guy wrapped a ligature around my neck, slammed my head into the doorway, and smashed my face into a mirror, telling me ‘You should have kept your [f*******] mouth shut.’”

“He then kidney-punched me, while at the same time saying I was ‘warned,’ and continued to beat me,” he added.

Wood said his attacker’s reference to a warning likely pointed to graffiti he found painted on his car last week. The vandalism included the phrases “house trained republican faggot,” “traitor,” and “ur like a jew 4 hitler.”

Those slurs, he explained, were references to him being a gay Republican working to help Lee, a straight GOP candidate, defeat the openly gay Democrat Mark Pocan.

The Daily Caller

I hate the term ‘hate crime’, but there is literally no other way to describe this vicious, malicious, hateful assault, which occurred for only one reason, Wood had the audacity to be gay and openly conservative. Which The Advocate, given their silence on the issue  despite their usual vocal quality when it comes to hate crimes against the LGBT community, seems to almost approve of.

Wood was unable to move the right side of his body immediately following Wednesday morning’s assault. He was transported by ambulance to Meriter Hospital in Madison. His eyes were swollen shut by the beating, and he suffered a concussion along with neck and head lacerations.

Wood told The Daily Caller, yesterday, “I will not be bullied, intimidated or threatened into abandoning my moral values.”
Anyone who knows me well, or reads this blog, knows that I am of the same mind  as Wood, but this entire story (and the gay communities silence on the issue) disgusts and terrifies me as a moral person and a gay conservative myself.

Where is this ‘equality’ that the liberal LGBT community keeps preaching?

The truth is, they don’t think we deserve it, so why should they bring attention to a story about a gay conservative who has been brutalized.

They think we deserve to be assaulted and put in our place.

Much the same way that liberal ‘feminists’ have a habit of ignoring (or joining in on) hateful, vile, and cruel words and actions against conservative women.

Hey Advocate, get off your ass and denounce the unknown attacker who performed this hate crime. Tell your reader’s this is unacceptable behavior. Tell them that no one, no matter what their political views, deserves to be treated this way.

If you don’t, the only thing that gay conservatives can take away is that you tacitly approve of our assault.

Ah well, I’m not holding out any hope that you will.

“It Gets Better” my ass.



Additionally, the former holder of the seat that Lee is running for (Tammy Baldwin, gay Democrat) and the challenger to Lee (Pocan, gay Democrat) have said not one word about the attack.

Wood said he is offended by the silence from the two usually vocal gay icons in the 2nd Congressional District. Pocan and Baldwin, he said, have historically sprung to the defense of victims of violence in the gay community.

“I find their lack of response maybe not unexpected but lacking decorum,” he said.  “I don’t look for a response from either of them, but from a political standpoint that’s what this race will come down to: do you want to elect someone who is going represent the entire 2nd District or do you want to elect someone who will pick and choose who they want to represent?  That’s what their lack of a statement is telling me, that I’m no longer a person to be represented.”


*This is only days after the son of  Senator Neal Kedzie (also Wisconsin, what the hell is wrong with liberals in that state?) was hospitalized after a beating that occurred when he tried to stop a man from stealing his Romney yard sign.



  1. Besides papers that advocate for gays – how about the standard papers/news organizations – we here whenever it is someone from the other side – this is atrocious – I hope the man is ok and they find the scum that conducted this assault!

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  4. Not buying the story. I think it’s BS. How does the assailant put something around his neck while holding by his hair? Why not punch him in the face when he opens the door? The only people who would care that a gay man is working for republicans are gay hating republicans and gays and I don’t see gays using that language in the attack.

    • I’m sorry you are so naive as to believe that gay people would not use that sort of language, and would not attack gay conservatives. I assume you’ve not spent much time reading the comments on articles about gay conservatives on websites like Queerty or The Advocate. I assure you, gay conservatives hear that sort of language in reference to ourselves fairly consistently. Both in general reference and in specific attacks against us individually.

      I have to tell you that this myth of the ‘gay hating republican’ who uses all these slurs against gay conservatives is just that…a myth. Or at the very least not nearly as common as you seem to think.

      However gay liberals like Dan Savage call us names all the time, wish we would die, and use terrible slurs to refer to us.

      As for the story, have you seen the pictures of this man? This clearly wasn’t made up, you can see the ligature marks and the places where they had to pick glass out of his face. As for why the attacker didn’t punch him in the face, that seems obvious. Punching a person in the face usually involves being in FRONT of them, which means plenty of identifying features for them to describe to the sketch artist later.
      As for the ligature/hair combo…I get the feeling you haven’t paid attention to Wood’s description of the fight in detail in later interviews. His assailant used his hair to slam his face into a mirror, then began choking him from behind as he beat him.

      Believe what you like, but realize that if I said that a story about a gay LIBERAL being assaulted or harassed was ‘BS’ that I would be called names and treated terribly, even if I was proved correct. (Which I have been in recent months, with several ‘hate crimes’ against homosexuals have been shown to be products of their own creation to get attention.)

      • I’m the asshole? Did you read what you wrote? And I see you’ve edited your reply since you first posted it. Just as well, it did look a bit odd to be accusing us of not reporting something that didn’t happen. I’m glad you at least had the good sense to remove that portion of your remarks.
        As far as what liberals say about conservatives, I think you really need to read, carefully, what we post at QL, and what conservatives say about liberals, especially gays, all the time. It’s hardly a situation where us mean old liberals are bashing the poor, defenseless conservatives with lies and manufactured nonsense. (the conservatives come up with too much nonsense on their own to require us to make anything up.)

        • Hilariously my spam filter is a very smart creature and put your response where it belonged.
          However, for some reason I will pull it out of the spam folder and respond to it.

          Oh please, you have been nothing but condescending and actively unfriendly since we ran into each other. Have you ever actually TRIED to have a conversation with me to understand my view points? I’ll jog your memory, no you have not.

          Hmm, how about the words Mike said just the other day about how gay conservatives make him want to vomit.
          How about the comments on articles on The Advocate where I have been called a ‘self-loathing bitch’ who needs to go ‘kill yourself and so you’ll stop being a traitor’. Or being called a ‘Jewish Nazi’ or a ‘self-loathing closet case faggot’.
          Yeah, sounds like I’m not being bashed by gay liberals for no reason.

          I have no idea to what you are referring, since I’ve removed absolutely NOTHING from this blog.

          • First of all, disagreeing with you is not condescending or unfriendly. I’m sorry if you took it that way, but there’s little I can do about how you interpret disagreement.

            Mike is responsible for what he says, not me. If you have an issue with something he said, then take it up with him.

            I’m also not responsible for what others say on other sites about you or anyone else. If you feel I am, I hope you are ready to take responsibility for every crude and hostile remark made by conservatives. You cannot seriously mean to imply liberals don’t take a lot of online abuse from those folks… if you do, then you are simply ignoring the reality of things.

            You edited your comment. You made a remark taking me and QL to task for failing to report on the incident, since it was a conservative who was attacked. Except, of course, that IT NEVER HAPPENED.

    • She doesn’t owe you shit. If this had been a liberal with the same claims you would have plastered it all over the internet. There are have dozens of false claims of hate crimes made by liberals, the liberal media has covered all of them…why because it fits into your narrative that conservatives are hateful and liberals are saintly…this wasn’t covered not because of any issues of validity it wasn’t covered because it was a conservative. Her claims about double standards are still as valid as they ever were.

      • Your remarks won’t be considered reasonable until the “liberal” media fail to report on A REAL INCIDENT. It should be instructive that the “liberal” media was able to spot a lie, and the conservative blogosphere was not. Since it played into THEIR agenda, it was trumpeted across the Internet, even though it was phony from one end to the other. Get back to me when you have something real to talk about.

        • Your would be relevant if the media hadn’t covered dozens of false attacks in the past made by liberals. Always with great fanfare and always covering the recanting very quietly so that it always seems that half the time spent in any argument about hate crimes is spent disproving stories that people knew a lot about from the initial report, but somehow missed the fact that it was proven untrue. (As Breitbart, Drudge, the Blaze and a few other conservative outlets are not hiding the fact he recanted I can at least say the odds of conservatives using this false story is rather low). So the story is false, wow so Conservatives have people as flawed as Liberals in their midst not really a shock…the difference is that (1) you’re like 50 false story ahead of still…and (2) this wasn’t covered initially not because of evidence but because of ideology.

          • Basically what I was going to say after class.

            I’ll also add, once again, that NOTHING has been changed or removed from this post on this blog since it was posted. The only change made was for grammar and spelling.

            Also, Jim, I find it funny that you would write “Get back to me when you have something real to talk about.” It seems like you think I care what you think about my writing or my blog. It seems you think I respect your beliefs. You would be wrong in that.

            Indeed, there is a difference between disagreeing and being an asshole. You fell firmly on the side of asshole the entire time I’ve known you.

            Also, I never said that you were responsible for everything the gay community says. You said, “It’s hardly a situation where us mean old liberals are bashing the poor, defenseless conservatives with lies and manufactured nonsense.”
            And I pointed out that it is, in fact, a case of that on most gay liberal websites. What Mike said is not your responsibility, except for that fact that you defended his statement and justified it.

            • I’m not talking about the blog, I’m talking about your reply comment. You changed it after I replied to it.
              I would also point out that you’ve never “known” me. Our only interaction has been in comments on blog posts. That doesn’t qualify as knowing anyone. I do make it a policy to respond in kind, so if you think I’m an “asshole”, then perhaps some reflection on your part is due.
              I did not “defend”, nor justify, his statement. I made no comment one way or the other about it, other than it was HIS statement. The only conclusion I can draw about that is that you fall firmly into the conservative camp of “not roundly condemning something means you totally agree with it and support it”… like how even mentioning homosexuality in a school setting means you support the “gay agenda”.
              The “get real” comment refers to a real incident of gay bashing, where the victim is a Republican or conservative gay, and the attacker is a liberal. The balance, if you can find one, is well to the liberal gays being the victims. That’s real.

            • I still have no idea what you are talking about. I haven’t changed ANYTHING about this blog article or the comments below it. You are living in a fantasy world. Which comment do you think I changed and what did it supposedly say?

              I was using ‘known’ in the meaning of ‘as long as I’ve interacted with you’. Stop being obtuse.

              Since I came onto Queerlandia with a wish to openly exchange ideas, no I think YOU should be checking the way YOU respond to things. EVERY response, from the very beginning, was that of a close minded asshole who had no intention of honestly engaging in discussion.

              You DID in fact defend his statement.

              It’s not reasonable to expect members of an oppressed minority to “tolerate” that oppression. Standing up forcefully to bigotry, hatred, and oppression isn’t intolerance, it’s required. Calling out candidates and organizations on their stances is not intolerance, it’s self-defense. Any other response is capitulation. Gay Republicans are supporting organizations that deliberately work against the interests of the overall LGBT community. The get no special dispensation from the rest of us when they do.

              That was your response when I called him out on how classless it was to say that gay conservatives made him want to vomit. How in the world is that NOT defending his disgusting statement?

              You are living in a fantasy world and bringing up completely obtuse comments that have NOTHING to do with this conversation. Either go away or I’ll start commenting obtusely on all your posts as well ($10 bucks that on Queerlandia you would delete my comments instead of actually arguing with me.)

          • OK, since you’re holding me and QueerLandia to the standard of being responsible for every real or imagined “failure” of liberal press, I’m going to feel quite comfortable in turning the tables, and holding every conservative site responsible for every crazy lie told by any conservative anywhere. Game on.

            • Except that we don’t defend them when they’re biased. If they don’t run a story just because it hurts them we call them out on it. The nature of responsible journalism is to report the facts as you have them at the moment and to find out the truth behind them…and to admit your mistakes with as much fanfare, if not more, than your original story. Most conservative outlets of news do this…most liberal outlets engage in 1984 style revision that we have always been at war with EastAsia we have always reported it as such and to say anything else is a complete lie.

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