I’m in shock.

I feel like I can’t think.

I can’t move.

I’m frozen.

It’s like my fight or flight response has been destroyed and all I can do is stand there, staring at a predator that I unexpectedly stumbled upon in the woods. I’m frozen in place, incapable of doing anything that might help myself, because this is just so unthinkable.

I don’t know what we will do now or how we will survive.



  1. You just summarized my feelings. I feel paralyzed…and sick to my stomach. What the f**k are we going to do?

    I already thought it was going to be rigged, but I still had hope, I prayed & prayed.

    One question I have is…how could they call it already? For instance, WA state is 100% mail-in. I know many people who didn’t mail theirs till yesterday. They haven’t determined our governor yet because not all the votes are in… so HOW THE HELL can they count the prez vote already???????

    I’m going to find a cozy corner, assume the fetal position and dream of this country before Obitler happened.

  2. Hmmm, Seems we have a jobless wretch with a very small peeny on the site here. What are you even doing on here? Did your mother block all your porn sites and you had to go trolling elsewhere?

    Of course, this back and forth banter is just what you’re looking for, isn’t it? Nothing constructive to say, just looking to get your tiny rocks off bashing “b*tches” on the net. Can’t get a rise out of someone so you go for the sophomoric name calling. Cunt? Dyke? Not very original small peeny man. Perhaps, Santa Obama should get you a thesaurus for Christmas.

  3. Now you have a small taste, a very small taste, of how we felt in 2004. The country is changing/has changed, and if conservatives don’t recognize that, and adapt to those changes, they’re going to become even more irrelevant than they are now. It’s still amazing to many of us how a lesbian could even consider the GOP after the past few years of their relentless attacks on women and gays. That you could ever think that a bank account is more important than your civil rights is just nuts.
    But don’t worry, like we did, you’ll survive the next four years. The big difference, of course, will be that at the end of those four years, your country, and the world, will be in much better shape than it was at the similar point in the previous administration’s history.

    • You are absolutely delusional if you think that this president can do anything GOOD for this country in this term. The stock market crash 300+ points in a single day, because people see what is coming. They see the regulation, they see Obamacare, they see the higher taxes and they know it will DESTROY this country.

      The fact that the House is still controlled by us ‘racist, sexist, homophobic’ GOP members is the only saving grace here.
      You keep talking a big talk about I’m crazy for being part of the GOP, but you STILL haven’t shown me why your values outweigh those of a free market and a good economy, which is what this president is busy screwing us out of.

      You think he’ll give you gay marriage? He won’t.
      Even if he did, you’d be married and sitting on a sidewalk homeless. Have fun with that.

      As for me, don’t try to sell me this country will be in ‘better shape’ when my parents business is failing under this economy that Obama has only made worse, when I know that college graduates have lower employment rates than any other group at this time and getting my degree will only put me under a mountain of debt, with no job in sight.

      You have NO ability to see the bigger picture or understand the world and that, frankly, is shocking to me. Go be a moron elsewhere Jim. Don’t come whining to me when you get exactly what you asked for, an economy that can’t sustain us and all the ‘social freedom’ you can’t stand.
      How much good will that “freedom” do you, when you are broke, unemployed, and the ‘rich’ are no longer there to be used as scapegoats and welfare banks?

  4. This election signified the tipping point. The takers outnumber the givers. Thank you so much for posting the text from Atlas Shrugged re: the 20th century motor co. That is one of my favorite passages from the book.

    There’s nothing else to do at this point but brace yourself for four more years of this meglomaniac. Hopefully we can head off most of his radical legislation for the next two years, and we’ll make good gains two years from now. The GOP is going to have to reassess their whole platform, otherwise they’re not going to win another election. It’s absolutely demoralizing that a President with Obama’s record wasn’t soundly defeated last night. 😦

      • Agrred. When you have a large portion of the population voting essentially for “free stuff” (you saw the “I want my Obama phone!” video, yes?) then there is no intelligence involved.

        The sad and frightening this is, these people are too ignorant to understand that nothing is really “free”, someone is paying for it. The gov’t doesn’t have some magical bowl of money to pay for their cell phones, rent and food stamps, etc. It’s the working people who actually pay taxes who are paying the takers’ bounty.

        But once you bleed dry the mean, evil rich who are paying for their stuff, there is no one else to take from.

        And what comse next when that happens? Then EVERYONE works for the gov’t. Everyone. There is no welfare, no bigger checks for having more babies, no “free” call phones. They want “social equality” for all? Yeah, that looks like EVERYONE working for the gov’t and making basically the same wage. And if you don’t work you don’t get shit.

        That is the end result of “social equality”. Hope they all like food rations. And as you stated, what is a bloody marriage certificate going to get you when you’re jobless, careless, homeless and standing in the food line with your daily ration ticket.

        The gay population is one sector of Oby’s “useful idiots”. We will be the first people the man-child throws under his communist bus.

    • Speaking of Ayn Rand, her ideas and her printed works I would like to suggest that one reason that many people voted the way they did is because altruism has prevailed over selfishness. I recently was present for a presentation by Yaron Brooke in Tempe where he had 60 minutes to make this point and sell his book Free Market Revolution, How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government afterwards. I traded my only 1887 US Morgan peace dollar to obtain his book.

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