Israel and why we need to stand by them

I’ve written on this topic time and time again, from the perspective of a capitalist, a gay woman, and an ethical person.

Now we are just talking about not being a moron.

It’s all well and fine to say ‘don’t judge someone based on their religion, don’t judge them all based on the actions of a few, don’t judge them based on what their religious texts and leaders say’.

Okay, I’m not judging Hamas or the ‘Palestinians’ on religion at all. I’m judging them based on their actions.

They are terrorists.

Plain and simple.

I’ve got to be honest here. I have no skin in this game. I’m not Jewish, I’m not Christian, I’ve never visited Israel (though I would love too), I don’t personally know anyone who lives in Israel or Gaza or ‘Palestine’, though I follow several on twitter

I didn’t know anyone who died in the World Trade Centers either.

That doesn’t stop me from recognizing evil and terrorism when I see it.

Everyone from Reuters to Al Jazeera news are flat out lying (or at the very least, misleading) about the start of this aggressive military action from Israel. Reporting that the fighting began when Israeli Defense Forces organized an ‘assassination’ of the Hamas military leader Ahmed Al-Jaabari, who was killed in a tactical air strike by the IDF on the 14th of November.


Not true.

In point of fact, this all started MUCH further back, but lets just consider recent history.

In 2011, according to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) website, Hamas fired 627 rockets at Israel.

So far in 2012 Hamas has fired 1,068 rockets(as of this posting), many of them at civilian targets.

Since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense (which begin with the air strike that killed Al-Jaabari) on the 14th 301 of those rockets have been fired. Many of them being shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system (could the name of that get any more bad-ass? I think not.)But the fact is that Operation Pillar of Defense (another awesome name) was started for a definite reason, which was a volley of several rockets sent into Israel on November 10th, along with an anti-tank missile which hit an IDF jeep and injured 4 soldiers.

So Israel finally said “to hell with that” and started fighting back seriously.

For that President Mursi of Egypt is condemning them and saying that Israel is the one who is causing destabilization in the region.

“The Israelis must realize that this aggression is unacceptable and would only lead to instability in the region and would negatively and greatly impact the security of the region,” Mursi said.


I mean, really?

Talk about delusion.

That’s like constantly punching a guy in the face and then trying to file assault charges when he decks you to make you stop.

Hamas is not the group America needs to be in bed with. They take hostages. They fire on civilian targets, killing innocent people. They hide behind civilians, those they are supposed to be protecting, and use civilian areas as staging grounds for rocket launchers, then blame Israel for the civilian casualties that occur when Israel takes out those launchers. Israel is the one warning Gaza residents to stay away from Hamas operatives and military installations for their own protection and treating injured Palestinians, pro bono, in Israel.

Israel is the only sane, truly freedom loving, country in that area of the Middle East. They have equal rights for women, equal rights for the lgbt community, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, etc., as I said in a recent article for DS&P magazine.

Our foreign policy is in shamble. President Obama wants ‘daylight’ between us and our one sane ally in the Middle East.

Israel is at war and we are doing nothing to help.

Admittedly, Israel can probably take care of themselves, but they shouldn’t have too. That’s what allies are for.

If I hadn’t already been disgusted with Obama and Hamas and the Islamic countries of the Middle East in general…I would be now.

But we all know that I passed through ‘disgusted’ right on to ‘outraged and pissed off’ a long time ago.

Crowder, in the video below, is a bit more light hearted in his analysis, but I feel he’s probably as pissed off as me.



  1. “Israel is at war and we are doing nothing to help.”

    If by we you mean the US Government and the US taxpayers that fund it you are wrong.

    If is to be believed Israel was provided with 2.7 billion dollars of foreign military financing in 2010 (and probably at least that much the next year).

    It seems that we have provided Israel the means by which to engage in a hefty bit of warfare against it’s enemies. I don’t see how the US government can be of any additional assistance unless you think the amount that is being provided isn’t sufficient.

    Given the unimpressive results that US military occupation has provided to Afghanistan I rather think that the best “help” the US government can provide is to not to offer any additional “help” at all.

    • Money is not what I am referring to, nor necessarily military aid. I’m talking humanitarian and political aid. Backing them, supporting them, and calling out their enemies as the evil, terroristic, cowardly, bastards that they are.
      Please show me where our president or his administration have called our Islamic terrorists? Hasn’t exactly been a big thing in these last 4 years, yeah?

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