What I’m Thankful For

I have to admit that right after the election I was in the dumps. The Holiday season was coming up swiftly, but giving thanks was the last thing on my mind.

I had been thrown off the horse, so to speak, and I was exhausted, emotional, and in no shape to contemplate being thankful or singing “Joy to the World” or even continuing with my passion for politics.

But that didn’t last long. I am a middle child and we are the resilient type, I was tormented by an older brother and I helped raise a younger sister. I can bounce back from just about anything, given enough time and the right catalyst.

In this case, about all it took for me to get back on the proverbial horse, was two days of depression and dealing a couple of vulgar liberal trolls.

What can I say? I bounce back fast.

So I’m back on the horse, galloping along at top speed, but I wanted to take a moment today, between the politics and making the pumpkin pie, to mention a few things I’m thankful for.

My family

My best friend

My friends, Ruth, Shane, Mary, Nick, Jessica, Donlyn, Mel, etc.

My readers, my followers, the people who respect me enough to want to know my opinions enough to invite me to write for their blogs and talk on their radio programs.

The fact that I have a place to live and people who love me.

It’s not a bad life and it gives me the base to keep fighting.


Now I have to get back to cooking.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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