Red Dawn, 2012

I finally got a chance to see this movie a week after it opened in theaters. I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally be walking into a theater, full of people for a 10:45am showing, to watch a pro-America film.

As The Conservative New Ager said to me “Red Dawn, a great patriotic film that understands that the only good socialist is a dead one.”

The first Red Dawn, I think we can all agree, was a crappy movie. That didn’t matter though, it’s still a classic, because those that love America will love that movie, just for the common thread of American Patriotism that runs through the movie.

This version of Red Dawn is much better quality than the original and has a much tighter plot line and, despite receiving terrible reviews (11% by critics on Rotten Tomatoes) it is making much better tracks with the audiences (63% on Rotten Tomatoes and not doing too shabbily at the box office), and that is also because it contains that thread of American Patriotism that those that love this country have been looking for in Hollywood these days.

The opening is done fantastically and you will likely be laughing through the whole thing as it plays through some real headlines and actual clips of Obama, Hillary, and our homeboy Joe, talking about North Korea.

The movie refuses to humanize the North Koreans to us at all, which is preferable. These are, after all, invaders into our country. I don’t really care how nice they are to their wife, kids, or pet dog, they are an enemy whose has no right to be where they are.

And there are a few other moments in the movie that are completely unexpected, but beautifully directed and scripted, but I won’t mention them. Those are NOT moments you want spoiled for you.

If you love America, you will love this movie. If you just want to watching some explosions, you will still love this movie. Basically, you will love this movie.

Go see it.



  1. It’s doing well at the box office? What planet do you live on? It hasn’t even made back it’s budget yet which was $65 million, it hasn’t even made $40 million. That is what we call a box-office bomb. If a movie can’t make back at least its budget, it’s a flop. Plus, it’s only in it’s third week and has fallen to number 8. So it’s pretty much massively sucking at the box office.

    • I’m confused…when Meredith published this article on 11/25 (it’s right there at the top) Red Dawn wasn’t doing poorly at the box office…yes it hadn’t made back it’s budget, but even most successful movies take several weeks to make back budget (also it has yet to be released overseas where most movies make the majority of their gross dollars these days)…so are upset that Meredith’s skills as a psychic weren’t up to your level of expectation (as her statement was correct when she published it)…or are you upset that she doesn’t constantly revise every blog post she has ever written because morons don’t have the ability to understand time specific statements?

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