Robin Hood is a heroic story of conservative principles, I’ve said that before on this blog.

Now the only real bright point of that Kevin Costner film that clip above is from is Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham. Especially his death scene.* It’s a crappy movie, but if you don’t judge my brain candy, I won’t judge you for that time you watched Jersey Shore.

The quality of the movie, or lack there of, isn’t the point of this post though.

You see, the Obama administration has effectively placed themselves as the Sheriff of Nottingham in America’s little version of Robin Hood.

They even threatened Christmas! What kind of monster does that?!

In a Monday report, the White House warned that failure to resolve the impasse over a tax and deficit deal could undermine consumer confidence this holiday season.

A new report from the National Economic Council and the Council of Economic Advisers timed to the online shopping holiday “cyber Monday” estimated that consumers could spend close to $200 billion less, while GDP growth could slow by 1.4 percentage points in 2013.

The report also warns that the psychological impact of a looming middle class tax hike could put a huge dent in retail sales over the holidays — traditionally the most important retail period of the year.

“Consumer confidence over the next several weeks is particularly important,” the report warns. “If Congress does not act on the president’s plan to extend tax cuts for the middle-class, it will be risking one of the key contributors to growth and jobs in our economy at the most important time of the year for retail stores.”


As Doug Powers said in his article on Raise taxes on the rich or Christmas gets it!

The funny thing about this is that the article was published on Politico on the 26th, but on the 25th Politico reported that there was a “Record start for holiday season”.

It’s estimated that U.S. shoppers hit stores and websites at record numbers over  the four-day Thanksgiving weekend, according to a survey released by the  National Retail Federation on Sunday.

All told, a record 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites over the  four-day weekend starting Thanksgiving, up 9.2 percent of last year, according  to a survey of 4,000 shoppers that was conducted by research firm BIGinsight for  the trade group. Americans spent more too: The average holiday shopper spent  $423 over the entire weekend, up from $398. Total spending over the four-day  weekend totaled $59.1 billion, up 12.8 percent from 2011.


Hmm…so which is it Obama? Is the looming fiscal cliff really going to effect consumers that much? Because it seems like it isn’t doing much at all.

I argue that is because the majority of American’s are morons, I’m certianly not out spending tons of money this Holiday season, but then again my argument is confirmed by Obama winning the election.

People are idiots and sales will continue to pull them in. They are spending MORE now than they were in years previous, which means your little threats that Christmas will be ruined if we don’t let you raise taxes, we’re not buying it Scrooge.

Stop threatening to call of Christmas and do your damn job.

I’m on Robin Hood’s side here. If you are going to raise my taxes, I’m probably not going to be spending much at all. You can’t spend my money better than I can, especially not in the Holiday season. A welfare check doesn’t mean quite as much as buying my sister that new Taylor Swift songbook** and it doesn’t look as nice when wrapped up under the tree.


*Because if there is one thing Alan Rickman is fantastic at, it’s overblown death scenes.

**Here’s hoping she doesn’t read this blog.



  1. I’ll be doing the same thing as all previous years…paying cash for my purchases. The morons who voted for Baracka Claus are charging their purchases and following in their Rulers footsteps. It’s ok though because Baracka Claus will probably bail them out anyway.

  2. ” If you are going to raise my taxes, I’m probably not going to be spending much at all.”

    Um…he’s not going to raise your taxes. He’s publically stated that he wants to continue the Bush tax cuts for most of Americans, and only those with income over $250,000 will have an increase, and only on the income that’s more than 250K.

    Or do you make more than that? You might, I honestly don’t know.

    • Let me put it this way.
      If I DO make over 250,000 a year, then I won’t be spending much if he ups my taxes.
      If I DON’T make over 250,000 a year, my employers do. If their taxes are raised (250,000 in this world is NOT a whole hell of a lot, especially in most of our major cities) then I may lose the possibility of a raise or lose my job altogether because of Obamacare. (Quite a possibility at this point actually) and I won’t be spending a whole hell of a lot either.

            • Oh yes, please, lets ignore that the plan is to raise taxes and add more and more regulations, in an age where more and more companies are capable of moving overseas.
              And lets forget that we are also adding Obamacare to the equation. Which is already causing businesses to fire employees or freeze hiring.

              The economy doesn’t exist in a vacuum, moron.

            • First of all, nice name calling. Certainly very mature of you and a sign that your opinion is completely correct.

              Secondly, the increases from Obamacare are staggeringly low. And if companies do move overseas, then it is them we should blame for not wanting to pay decent wages or let their employees have health insurance.

              Boo. Hoo.

            • You seem to forget that I’ve been dealing with your comments on several of my articles for a while. You are a moron and I call it like I see, if you don’t like that you are welcome to not read my blog.

              Second of all, great job for actually missing the point of this article entirely.

              Thirdly, I WORK IN HEALTHCARE. I know what the effects of Obamacare are going to be on the healthcare industry and I haven’t met a single doctor who believes it is a good idea. Most that I know who are financially capable are retiring before it goes into effect. I hope you have fun with your medical rationing when the 80% of doctors, who have said that they would rather quit the profession than work with Obamacare, close their offices.

              Fourth, typical liberal whining “Oh those evil evil corporations, trying to make a profit, they are the ones at fault and they are just big greedy stupid heads and we can keep our economy running with out them!”
              Yeah, good luck with that.

            • Yeah, I’m married to a neonatologist who supports Obamacare and works with others, 90% of whom support it. Anecdotes are fun that way. They can easily be refuted by other anecdotes. Though they can sound scary if you don’t know anything. Which may be what you’re attempting to do with your posts.

              “Oh those evil evil corporations, trying to make a profit”

              I have no problem with corporations making a profit, nor do I think most are evil. But if their complaint is ‘boo hoo, we have to pay decent wages AND make sure our employees have health care? Screw that! We’ll go overseas where we can pay them pennies and fire them if they get sick”, then I really have no sympathy for them.

    • Oh, you’re back…here once again to show that not only are you not a scientist but you’re not an economist either…you do realize that raising taxes on any tax bracket has the effect of lowering spending overall which depresses the economy overall. Small businesses that file as individuals (i.e. most small businesses) will be hit hard, as will investment (so further hurting business), spending on large items (hurting industry). Further productivity will be hurt as many people who make over that amount will just stop working as hard (because why work hard just to have your money stolen?) and guess what that also trickles down to hurting average people. You will see even more layoffs, more pay cuts, more cut hours, more government spending on entitlements to counter this…all to tax the rich (even though, even if spending didn’t increase such a tax increase wouldn’t make even the smallest dent in our deficit). Raising taxes on “the rich” always effect the non-rich the most.

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