In case you weren’t aware, yesterday Steven Crowder of Fox News, was physically assaulted at a Right to Work rally in Michigan.

Misfit Politics has been keeping their readers updated on the situation with several new videos coming out of the events that occurred at the rally. I seriously recommend checking those updates periodically in case they receive new videos or information on the situation.

I would also recommend reading the comments on their article, because they contain real gems like this one from liberals.

Three cheers for the guy who whacked your hate-filled buddy though.

Conservatives are such pussies, they talk the Macho talk when they are hiding behind their keyboards, but squeal like little piggies when somebody has the guts to stand up to their bullying.

That’s right, they cheer on people who physically assault people who dare to use their first amendment rights.

This sounds familiar.

Yup, looks familiar.

Only Steven got punched and assaulted much more violently.

But maybe he was asking for it, as Leah from Misfit supposes.

Let’s use the Left’s logic for a moment and see where it takes us, shall we?

Steven Crowder was assaulted. But it’s not that big of a deal, because he was asking for it. After all, he knows that everyone in Detroit hates him and he should have known he’d be threatened if he went there.

Hypothetical situation: A woman is raped. But it’s not that big of a deal, because she was asking for it. After all, she knows that when she wears low-cut tops, short dresses, or high heels, that men will think about banging her. She should have known she’d be threatened if she did that.

Steven just shouldn’t have been there. He was asking for it, obviously.

The tent that the AFP had put up was just asking for it.

Those women and men who were there in that tent were just asking for it.

By entering the vicinity of that protest they were consenting to have physical assault and property damage done to them.

Because that’s a thing that people do.

That makes sense.

Please tell me you can here the sarcasm inherent in my voice?

Look, the fact that you disagree with the words I say is not license for you to beat me up.

I would not hit you for your opinions.

That’s how civilized people function!

We disagree, we argue, we possibly insult each other’s intelligence, but we don’t hit people. That’s one of the first things you learn in kindergarten, right up there with don’t eat paste and stealing people’s crayons is wrong, even if they do have a box of 100 crayolas and you mom only bought you a 15 count roseart set.

Liberals, if you can’t be more mature than a 1st grader then please exit the ring of rational discourse.

If you defend those that are less mature than a 1st grader, then you have lost any chance to earn respect from independents or conservatives.

From Occupy Wall Street to this. You still haven’t grown up.