Look Up The Word Douchebag in the Dictionary and Piers Morgan’s Photo Will Be Next to it

This post really should have been up yesterday, but I was spending the day without a computer, unfortunately.

Wednesday night I was at work, minding my own business when a friend posted THIS on her facebook timeline.

I had to do a double take and go hunting through twitchy to see if it was real, since it was no longer on Piers’ twitter feed. No doubt deleted when he realized that he looked like a massive tool and not even his CNN time slot could disguise that fact after a tweet like that went public.

Of course Piers has consistently underestimated the power of the new media and his tweet had already been screen captured by John Nolte, over at Breitbart, and saved for posterity. Yet another reminder that, especially if you are a left-wing moron, once you put something on the internet it’s there for good. (You would think after the Anthony Weiner scandal that liberals might be watching what they post a little more, no such luck.)

Anyway, Morgan took personal offense at having his douchebaggery saved for future generations apparently.

And this exchange took place.

And Nolte updated his original post on Breitbart to include this note.

Piers Morgan responded to this article on Twitter, personally accusing me of smearing him and twisting his “obvious sarcasm.” I responded by asking how straight-forward reporting and quoting what he said constitutes twisting or smearing, and will update this post if there’s an answer.

For some reason Piers has yet to address how it is “smearing” to directly quote something someone said. My guess is the answer would be something along the lines of “but Jooooohn it’s not FAIR!” whined in a voice that could make even ME hate a British accent.

I almost feel sorry for Piers, since Nolte loves to expose him for the d-bag he is, through Morgan’s own words. Then again, he sort of deserves it for making light of a tragedy, whether he meant it in a sarcastic manner or not.

Here’s a good rule of thumb, if you don’t mean it, and it’s going to make you look like an asshole if people cannot obviously discern that you are being sarcastic, then don’t press send.

There should be an app for twitter that will read your messages back to you before you send them. If that existed, Piers might have hesitated. Maybe not — maybe he is an asshole with a chip on his shoulder and an agenda to promote, no matter who has to die to promote it.

He’s certainly been on a tear about gun control on twitter lately, judging from the tweets that twitchy is archiving.

Twitchy seems to think that he was obviously being sarcastic.

Morgan was being sarcastic, of course. But his ghoulish sense of humor and his tasteless timing failed to amuse.


I don’t think there was anything obvious about it, no matter what he said in follow-up tweets.

Morgan was incredibly offended at Nolte, piling on accusations and outright lies. One in which he stated, essentially, that Breitbart would be ashamed of Nolte’s posting a photo of his tweet for the world to see (check in the dictionary next to “Hah! Not likely” for my reaction that one) and that he “admired” Breitbart.

That’s a tall tale from someone who said (and I quote, which Morgan hates apparently):

Morgan: “Andrew let me go to you, as I said before the break, you are notoriously evil about almost everybody so what do you think of the new politics where everyone just whacks everybody else.”

Breaitbart: “Well I don’t think you know me Piers Morgan. I think we maybe spent eight seconds together.”

Morgan: “It was a long eight seconds.”


Oh well, it’s not like Morgan doesn’t have a penchant for ignoring the facts, or his own past words, when it suits him.

Maybe, as Nolte supposes in this article, it’s time for CNN to understand that Piers is just one of the many reasons their ratings are tanking.



  1. Oh, poor little Piers got busted for speaking his evil mind and then tried to back-peddle citing “sarcasm”. Isn’t that a liberal’s M.O. when they show their true selves thinking no one will catch it, then actually get busted? They back-peddle and try to turn the tables. “I didn’t mean it like THAT….Oh yeah, well you’re a dumb-dumb!”

    All the liberal seem very pleased they have a tragic event to promote their agenda. makes ya wonder…just how “random” was this event?

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