Top 10 search results for my blog this year and the top 10 strangest search results

People come to my blog from searching Google or other websites like Bing or Ask and the terms they use are usually forwarded to me on my stats page.

This year, at the end of the year, I’d like to mention the top 1o most searched phrases that led to my blog.

go forth and multiply bible verse

i believe in sherlock holmes

twentieth century motor company

twentieth century motor company atlas shrugged

20th century motor company

christmas songs that aren’t about christmas

top 24 christmas songs

taylor swift slut shaming

ezer kenegdo

is se cupp gay

peter singer’s solution to world poverty


Also, on occasion, I will do a double take on a search phrase that someone has used, because I’m not A.) sure why someone is searching for that or B.) why it led them to my blog.

is se cupp gay

sherlock fanfiction

watson sherlock slash

sherlock and watson gay fanfiction

gay snark


once more with feeling (episode soundtrack)

super meat boy 1080

my roadtrip with my gay friends

what is a hetero shindigs

twitter i can’t figure out who is talking to who


Yeah, I don’t get it….but that’s my blog’s year.

I’ve had an awesome year as far as hits on my blog go. November 7th was my blogs highest day of hits on the blog, as depressing as that day was for all of us.

Basically, this blog is on it’s way up the rungs of the ‘blogosphere’ and I like it.

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