Local Racism: District 8. National Racism: Colin Powell’s a moron.

Good anywhere you have an election you can’t win on merit, a debate you can’t win with facts, or school you don’t have the grades for.

The race card is pulled on an almost daily basis at this point, but one of the districts (not mine, thank god) in my city is undergoing a landslide of racism at the moment. District 8 has historically been a “black district” which apparently means a white person can’t run for office there without it being tantamount to “lynching” the black community politically, according to Jarrett Maupin.

“Post-racial society” my ass.

Hey, look, the pale skin running in district 8 is a democrat and I’m not here to defend her political views, but trying to stop her from running because she’s white is the exact opposite of not being a racist. How unbelievably blind can people like Reverend Jarrett Maupin, the author of this storm of accusations toward Kate Gallego, be?

If the people in the district don’t believe that she will represent them properly, either because they don’t agree with her political views and policies or because they judge her based on raced and they don’t want a white woman in office, they will not vote her into office. That’s how elections, generally, work.

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And It Begins: Equality Means Something Different to Liberals

I’m going to preface this with the fact that I am neither in the military nor would I have signed up for a combat unit if I was in the military, however this does not disqualify me from having an opinion on women being placed in the front lines.

Last week Leon Panetta announced that women would now be allowed to be assigned to combat units on the front lines. Some members of congress were a bit miffed that he announced this to the press before he announced it to congress.

This is a complicated issue, but here’s my opinion on it.

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Gun Control: Contradictions Abound


This week in stupid things that anti-gun advocates have said.

CAROLYN MCCARTHY: I will tell you, if you talk to professionals, hunters and certainly sportsmen, they’ll tell you that’s not the gun to use. A rifle is more accurate. It’s certainly easier for a woman to be able to do that.


There are several glaring issues with this statement. Not only are AR-15 used for hunting and sporting, as well as home defense, but she seems to be making the claiming that an AR-15 is not a rifle. This alone proves that she knows absolutely nothing about guns and has no place being part of the debate about gun control. AR-15’s are most certainly rifles.

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Tell the Mouse to Get the Cookie Himself, or Better Yet, Teach the Mouse to Bake

This wasn’t just a cute story, it taught a lesson.

When I interact on social media sites like twitter or tumblr, I see people of my generation and the generations that will follow me into becoming the leaders of this country.

Often I am inspired by genuinely intellectual young people who are intelligent, well-spoken, and share a love of freedom with myself and an understanding of the fact that the style of governance our founding fathers gave us is the key to that freedom, not this false “equality” that liberals want to sell us.

But very often I am brought face to face with an element of our future generation of leaders that depresses me. These are the people who have bought into the idea of “equality of outcome”, “wealth redistribution”, “anything goes moral relativity”, and the idea that everything bad that happens to them and every bad decision that they make, is a product of society “oppressing” them. They want the government to even things out, make sure they succeed, and hand them everything on a shiny silver platter.

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The Call For Common Sense Gun Laws & Other Such Silliness (Via The Conservative New Ager)

In amongst all of this brouhaha, there are some claims that we can all agree on “common sense gun control.”  And this sounds reasonable.  More strenuous background checks, preventing the mentally ill from getting guns, and the like.  Of course all of these measures must be implemented by the government.  You know the same government that gave the very guns it’s now claiming should be banned to Mexican Drug Cartels.  I’m sorry but I would give a schizophrenic a gun before I give a gun to drug cartels (with the schizophrenic you might have a 50/50 chance they won’t do anything, with the cartels you have a 100% chance that mass murder will occur).

But I do believe in common sense gun control.









Via: The Call For Common Sense Gun Laws & Other Such Silliness.


If You Want to Know Why We Aren’t a Post-Racial Society, Ask Liberals

Happy MLK day!

In case you were wondering, no I am not watching the inauguration of the “lord and savior”.

I would rather slit my own throat.

In fact, I wrote this post over the weekend, which means that while you are reading this I’m probably curled up in a chair at Starbucks, with a cappuccino and my copy of Les Miserables. I’m going to studiously avoid all television, news, and social networks today so that I don’t have an aneurysm.

It seems fitting to quote Dr. Martin Luther King on this day, it is his birthday after all. He once gave a speech, I’m sure you have all heard it before, but let me quote it for you again.

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Today’s Target Practice at the Tonto National Forest

Arizona Nation Forests aren’t like other national forests…it’s basically just sage, tumbleweed, rattlesnakes, quartzite, and lots and lots of cactus.

My sister, she is weird, but has really good aim with a .22

My dad teaching her how to fire the .38, I’m so proud. She really likes the revolver, even if it is less accurate over long distance.

While I see the necessity of handguns and will be getting my own soon, I really am more of a rifle girl.


By the end of the day she was getting more accurate with that .22, even hit the cans several times.

Not as good for target practice in the desert

My grandmas a bad-ass

Me and my sister ^_^

My sister suggested this

We figured it might piss off liberals


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