America, Wake Up and Get Responsible

Because you are only as special as the next snowflake and you need to get off your ass and stop expecting me to take responsibility for you.

It’s studies like this one, from the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, lead liberals to thinking that they need to pass more regulations for the “common good”.

People like Bloomberg, who want to tell us how big our soda’s can be. *takes a sip out of her 44 oz. big gulp as she writes.*






The report found that Americans had higher rates of chronic lung disease, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, obesity, drug-related deaths, infant mortality and homicides than countries that included Australia, Canada, Japan and many western European countries.

Researchers found that these health conditions are affecting more children and adolescents nowadays.

“It’s a tragedy. Our report found that an equally large, if not larger, disadvantage exists among younger Americans,” Woolf said in a statement. “I don’t think most parents know that, on average, infants, children, and adolescents in the U.S. die younger and have greater rates of illness and injury than youth in other countries.”

The solution to this is not MORE nanny state bullshit, especially when it comes to obesity and other problems in our children. The solution is responsibility. Telling your kids “no” when they want their 3rd happy meal this week, telling yourself “no” when you decided to eat a big mac for lunch “just one more time” this week, having responsibility for yourself and your health, and teaching that same responsibility and self control to our kids.

That’s the direct reason for the rise in STDs. If we could all think responsibly for a minute and learn to control our animal urges, maybe we could go out for a night of drinking with our friends and not go home with a hook-up.

As much as this might absolutely shock people, you can have a fulfilling life without having sex with every attractive (with or without beer goggles) man or woman that gives you the time of day.

“But being responsible is boring!” you tell me.

This is me, not caring.

This is me, playing the world’s tiniest violin for you.

Lots of stuff is boring. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to do it. Being an adult means doing lots of boring stuff, like paying your bills and cleaning up after yourself and buying groceries. If you don’t do those things you will be homeless, hungry, or worse, living on government assistance because you couldn’t get your shit together and you are an irresponsible mess.

Wake up!

We are not children anymore, time to stop acting like it.

Don’t want to be fat? Don’t eat junk all the time and sit around on your couch watching tv and playing video games. (Unless your goal in life is to get so fat that the sidewalk can’t support you, like this New York City woman.)

Don’t want to get lung cancer? Don’t smoke.

Don’t want to get pregnant? Don’t have sex or make sure you are being responsible.

Don’t want your teenager to get pregnant? Teach your kids a little responsibility and let them know that actions have consequences.

Don’t want an STD? Don’t sleep around.

Don’t want to die of an overdose? Don’t do drugs.

Don’t want these things to happen to your kids? Learn to tell them “No!” once in a while, from an early age. Teach them to be responsible. Make them realize their are consequences to their actions. Stop worrying about their self-esteem so much, stop patting them on the back and giving them a trophy for getting 5th place when there are only 5 people in the competition and telling them that the world revolves around them and their super special snowflake qualities.

A good portion of the problems in our society could be dealt with by a liberal (as in large, not liberal politics) application of personal responsibility and a realization that, no, you are not special and, no, the world does not revolve around you. Thank god some people are willing to remind people of this fact, like this teacher.

I’m so sick of people acting like their lack of responsibility constitutes a need for government intervention in their life, my life, and the lives of every person in this country.

I wrote about this back when Nanny Bloomberg decided to take it upon himself to dictate the size of the sodas you can buy in New York City.

Your inability to control your intake of sugar, soda, big macs, alcohol, or cigarettes does not constitute a need on my part to become controlled for the “public health” by the government, whether it be on city, state, or federal levels.

If you want a world with a fleet of Nanny Bloombergs telling you when to sleep, what to eat, how many pain killers you can have, and how many ounces of soda you can drink, then please remember that this means you will lose your freedom.

For every regulation that cossets you and lets the government “take care of you”, you lose a little more freedom.

That’s not what America is about.

So get off your ass and be an adult, the government is not your parent, stop giving them an excuse to act like they are.


  1. Well also there is a certain problem with how they collected the data. For instance we came in as having the worst infant mortality rate of any industrialized nation…but that’s because European countries don’t count birth as a live birth if the child is under a certain weight (unless they survive and eventually reach that magic weight) whereas America counts all births as live births if the kid is breathing…obviously low weight babies are the ones most likely to die in the first couple of days (i.e. suffer infant mortality). So when you don’t count the groups most likely to hurt your numbers it’s not a shock when your numbers look better. Its much the same way as with moth European countries not testing children who go to vocational school on international tests whereas the US tests everyone down the most severe Special Ed. cases…obviously when you don’t test your bottom half your numbers will look better than when you test everyone. (Thank you to Tom Shillue for that information about infant mortality Europe collects data in very different and skewed ways, and thus it is not an apples to apples comparison to America.

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