Warning: Liberal Stupidity Ahead

Would liberal environmentalist consider it eco-terrorism if I pushed the idiots who are drafting this anti-bullying legislation into a lake?

You know how I want my future children to deal with bullying? First I will teach them that bullies are morons, who they should never, under any circumstances, take seriously.

Also that if someone is physically bullying them and talking to me or a teacher has not stopped it, they need to walk away…the first two times.

Then I want them to lay that bully out with a strong right cross, knowing that I will defend them to anyone who tries to punish them for it after the fact.

That’s the MeredithAncret way. Though I sincerely wish I had learned that was the MeredithAncret way back when I was still in elementary school and junior high. I was a wimp.

Luckily I had friends to defend me. A guy called me a dyke once in 9th grade, one of my tough female friends punched him right in the face. While that was hilarious to watch, since the guy was 5 inches taller than her and outweighed her by 50 pounds and there was no way he was going to rat on her (that would mean admitting that a 5’5″ band geek had given him a black eye), but in retrospect I figure it would have been a lot more cathartic to punch him myself.

Anyway, you won’t find it surprising that I have no use for modern, liberal anti-bullying legislation.

First of all, if kids can’t take a little bullying in K-12, how in the world are they going to survive the real world?

This is a case where the phrase “whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is completely accurate. Do you have any idea how much I was bullied in junior high and high school? No, you probably don’t.

Well it was a lot, but I learned to not let it effect me and I’ve become a stronger person for it.

My second, and main, reason for not supporting this sort of legislation is that it makes it impossible for people to have freedom of speech in schools or discuss politically incorrect ideas that could, potentially, be hurtful to someone. Hearing ideas you don’t like or agree with is good for you, despite what liberals may think, that’s sort of the point of education.

What? You think I like listening to my stupid liberal PoliSci professors? I do it because it builds character. (and some of them have ACTUALLY bullied me, but you don’t see me whining to the dean.)

Here is a taste of what could be in this legislation.

The governor’s task force gives the green light to activist groups like OutFront to move into public and private schools. It calls for “actively enlisting … community-based advocacy groups” to “chang[e] peer and community norms” and develop bullying-intervention strategies.

Not surprisingly, the task force’s proposed new antibullying regime would not treat all children equally, despite lip service to this goal. Instead, it focuses on students in “protected classes,” including sexual orientation and “gender identity or expression.”

Under the task force’s vague and overbroad definitions of bullying and harassment, students could be punished for “direct or indirect interactions” that other students –especially those in protected groups — claim to find “humiliating” or “offensive,” that have a “detrimental effect” on their “social or emotional health,” or even that promote a “perceived imbalance of power.”

By this standard, a student who voices reservations about same-sex marriage could be accused of bullying LGBT students.

The governor’s task force recommendations could entail serious consequences for dissenting students. The report includes language suggesting that students who express views that others consider offensive could be referred for “counseling” or “mental health needs.”

Star Tribune

In case you are interested, the information in that Star Tribune article comes, presumably from the Minnesota Department of Education website, which has a pdf version of the recommendations given by the bullying prevention task force.

My third, and final, problem with this is that we are raising a generation of wimps who can’t deal with anyone disagreeing with them or having a different opinion on morality or politics or, really, anything at all.

Here are the 3 things that need to be done to deal with bullying.

1.) Ensure that teachers and administrators DO stop physical bullying.

2.) Back up the victim if they defend themselves against a physical bully who refuses to leave them alone. (AKA: Don’t expel/suspend the victim for punching the bullies lights out.)

3.) Teach our kids to not be so affected by the words and opinions of others. Protecting their self-esteem from the opinions of others is ridiculous. Teach them to not care and be confident in themselves, don’t teach them to report those that make them feel bad, so that someone else fix everything for them.

Unless, of course, the liberals want a to raise a generation of wimps.

But that would be crazy!

It’s not like wimps who need someone to take care of their every hurt feeling and skinned knee are easier for the government to control.

Bully me all you like liberals. I’ll either punch you in the face, return the verbal whipping, or just let it roll right off my back like a duck.

Why? Because I learned how to deal with bullying without my teacher or a “school climate center” holding my hand.

The same way I managed to bandage my skinned knees without my mother’s help when necessary.


Yes, I am aware that I am about to get a bunch of hate mail from liberals about how kids commit suicide because of bullying.

This is me, not caring. Yes, I find the actions of the bullies reprehensible and I feel very bad for the person who commits suicide and their family, but there is a lesson here and it isn’t to restrict people’s ability to speak their mind (even when they are assholes) it is to teach our kids to stop being wimps.

So this is me, preemptively telling liberals they can suck my non-existent dick.

Oh sorry, did that hurt your feelings?


    • Clearly you’ve never taken a Krav Maga class. I’ve watched a 5’2″ woman take out a man who outweighed her by 60 pounds of muscle and stood a full foot over her and she barely broke a sweat doing it.
      I fully intend to have my children in martial arts as soon as they are old enough.
      Take them to the gun range as well.

      People don’t magically have fighting skills dear. They have to learn them.

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