Liberals, Do Yourself a Favor and Get Educated on Guns

As for me, my dad has promised my family a trip to go shooting tomorrow.





      • I guess my point is do you really personally know enough liberals to say that the majority all act and think the same way? I know I can’t say that about conservatives. I have conservative friends, but I’d never say that their behavior or beliefs is indicative of all conservatives.

        I’m not trying to be argumentative or stir the pot. I merely would like to suggest that perhaps all liberals aren’t as anti-gun as you’d think.

  1. Yes it’s that fallacy called statistics and polling…the vast majority of Democrats and Liberals are for gun control, the vast majority of Conservatives and Republicans are against it ( … and oh look here too …and here …but hey maybe Gallup and CNN are right wing propaganda groups that can’t be trusted). To say that liberals are against guns is obvious based on common sense and the general experience of anyone who has lived in this country for 5 minutes. But if you’re going to call it a fallacy at least do the research.

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