The Call For Common Sense Gun Laws & Other Such Silliness (Via The Conservative New Ager)

In amongst all of this brouhaha, there are some claims that we can all agree on “common sense gun control.”  And this sounds reasonable.  More strenuous background checks, preventing the mentally ill from getting guns, and the like.  Of course all of these measures must be implemented by the government.  You know the same government that gave the very guns it’s now claiming should be banned to Mexican Drug Cartels.  I’m sorry but I would give a schizophrenic a gun before I give a gun to drug cartels (with the schizophrenic you might have a 50/50 chance they won’t do anything, with the cartels you have a 100% chance that mass murder will occur).

But I do believe in common sense gun control.









Via: The Call For Common Sense Gun Laws & Other Such Silliness.




  1. Yes, who gets to determine who is “mentally ill”? Maybe you’ve been on anti-depressants for a few months after your mother died and you lost your job…well, “we” don’t feel we can trust you with a gun. Maybe you, in innocent frustration, vented on FaceBook that you “sure could kill your boss today because he’s being such an ass.” ” Well, that was a threat on someone’s life…we don’t think you should own a gun.” Maybe you get reasonably irate in your doc’s office because they double-billed you , but refuse to credit you. Well…you seem unstable…we don’t think you should have a gun.”

    Can’t you just see that? Finding any minutia to claim someone is “mentally ill” or unstable. Maybe they find your face (facial recognition) on a traffic camera flipping off a driver you almost caused you accident. “Well, gosh, you have anger issues…we don’t feel you would be safe with a gun, we fear you’ll use it instead of your finger.”

    What we need is MORE armed civilians, not more laws that can & will be broken BY CRIMINALS. Removing the tool of a crime doesn’t remove the desire. And where there is desire this is always a way to be found. Banning guns or restricting them will not eliminate crime only change the method.

    Why can’t these rainbow and bunnies lala fantasy landers understand that people have been killing each other – quite effectively – since time began, way before firearms were even invented.

    Guns laws only ensure that already law-abiding citizens are restricted in their abilities to defend themselves from this who don’t give f*ck-all about the law.

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