Local Racism: District 8. National Racism: Colin Powell’s a moron.

Good anywhere you have an election you can’t win on merit, a debate you can’t win with facts, or school you don’t have the grades for.

The race card is pulled on an almost daily basis at this point, but one of the districts (not mine, thank god) in my city is undergoing a landslide of racism at the moment. District 8 has historically been a “black district” which apparently means a white person can’t run for office there without it being tantamount to “lynching” the black community politically, according to Jarrett Maupin.

“Post-racial society” my ass.

Hey, look, the pale skin running in district 8 is a democrat and I’m not here to defend her political views, but trying to stop her from running because she’s white is the exact opposite of not being a racist. How unbelievably blind can people like Reverend Jarrett Maupin, the author of this storm of accusations toward Kate Gallego, be?

If the people in the district don’t believe that she will represent them properly, either because they don’t agree with her political views and policies or because they judge her based on raced and they don’t want a white woman in office, they will not vote her into office. That’s how elections, generally, work.

But don’t try to force her out prematurely because of her race. That is disgusting and counter to all the ideals of a post-racial and inclusive society; which I sort of thought was the goal we were aiming for.

This hellish need to call attention to everyone’s race simply never ever ends in our current political debate. Maupin automatically pulls the race card to demonize a white women who, to my knowledge, has never uttered a racist word or attempted to advance a racist agenda (except that, being a Democrat, she’s probably big in favor of welfare and affirmative action, which I find to be INCREDIBLY racist…but that’s her party at fault, not the color of her skin, but I doubt that is Maupin’s problem with her) but, regardless of that, the race card gets pulled once more.

Maupin himself, regardless of his race, has a very…colorful history in local politics. Lets judge him on that…and his extreme need to race bait people and break federal election law.

Maupin ran against Gordon in the mayoral race but was tossed off the ballot after the Maricopa County Clerk’s Office determined that nearly 185 of the signatures gathered to ensure Maupin’s spot on the ballot were illegally collected by felons.  Later in 2011, the sterling Maupin served time in federal custody for violating the terms of his probation in the 2009 conviction, and was given 36 months of supervised probation upon release.

Now, like his mentor, Sharpton, notorious for his involvement the infamous Tawana Brawley case, the disgraced Maupin has taken up the loathsome mantle of race-baiting, interjecting himself into the District 8 Phoenix City Council race.

Maupin flings the entire can of garbage at Kate Gallego, a woman who has the temerity to think she has the right as an American citizen and resident of Phoenix to run for a council seat that some in the black community think they own. In an inane effort to out her as a non-minority, Maupin even hyphenates her Hispanic married name with her maiden name, a practice she does not appear to follow, to expose “who she really is.”

Seeing Red AZ

Yeah…this seems very normal and non-racist.

Oh wait, I forget that by the twisted crazy sauce definition of liberals, it’s impossible for a minority person like Maupin to be racist toward whites.


*bangs head into wall*

Then there’s the fact that he’s shaming Hispanic council member, Michael Nowakowski, for endorsing Gallego. Calling for Nowakowski to “support black leadership and promote diversity”. I guess diversity means something different where I come from.

Then you have Colin Powell showing his true colors, attacking the Republican party for being racist and proving, once and for all, that he is not a conservative by any definition of the term.

He voted for Obama because he believed in Obama’s economic “plan”, while he didn’t believe that the Republican economic plan would work.

Let’s first mention that Obama had no “plan” to speak of in either 2008 or 2012, so I’m really not sure what Powell was referring too.

My second point is, whatever Obama’s plan is, it clearly didn’t work in the time between ’08 and ’12, and it clearly was not a conservative plan. That’s all the proof you need to see that Powell needs a swift kick out the door of Conservative ideology. From this point on I’ll afford him as much respect as I would a liberal.

Powell apparently thinks that an economic plan that involves masses of inflation, printing more and more money, borrowing from the Chinese, and increasing the size of the government and welfare programs will work better than the tried and true Conservative method of capitalism, small government, and low taxes.

Congratulations Colin, you just became a member of the Democratic party. Where would you like me to send your new voter registration card and complimentary “I back-stabbed the party that supported me for years” button, coffee mug, and t-shirt?

Lastly, Colin wants to pretend that Republicans are racists. How he reached THAT conclusion is surely a hilarious mass of liberal twists and turns in his brain, but the truth is that if you want to look at the party that is doing the most damage to the black community, look no further than Barack Obama’s administration. Last September unemployment was hovering around 8%, but unemployment for African-Americans was around 6% higher than that (Latino unemployment was 2% higher than average) and that was reported by the Huffington Post!

As Gateway Pundit put it:

There’s really only two reasons why Colin Powell could support Obama. The obvious reason is because Barack Obama is black. The only other explanation would be that Colin Powell is a big government liberal. These are no other possible explanations.

Gateway Pundit

So either he’s racist who votes Democrat or he’s a liberal.


Can the GOP disown him now?

I talked about this on Martin Luther King day as well, but I’ll repeat myself until people start to get it.

We will not be living in a post racial society, as long as we pull the race card to defend our position.

As long as we appoint people because of their race and not their policies.

As long as we judge someone’s worth to the community by the color of their skin or their religion or sexuality.

As long as we tell people “You can’t represent us because you aren’t the same color as us”.

All I want is a place where I won’t be judged on anything other than my actions and my character, but liberals want to make me feel guilty for my race and heritage and punish me for it as they tell me that I have to “pay back” those of darker skin because of something that happened to their ancestors long before I  was a twinkle in my father’s eye.

Liberals seem to be incapable of acknowledging their own racism, whereby they think that minorities cannot take care of themselves or succeed without the government giving them handout after handout.

Remember, liberals, the first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem.



  1. Yes. 600,000 or so Whites died in the war that gave them their freedom. More and more this is shown to be the greatest waste of life in human history.

      • Both groups are to blame…unless you believe that Blacks are too stupid, ignorant, or grasping to reject the Liberals’ ideology of perpetual victimhood.

        Just always remember two things: Blacks within America’s borders have NOTHING that wasn’t given to them by Whites and a very large percent of them hate us because of this.

        Even as a Southerner there are times that I wonder if we all wouldn’t have been better off if, after the Civil War was lost to the Blue Bellies, the Blacks hadn’t done exactly as the Southerners feared they would and TOOK what they felt was due them. At least then they could now look back and see something of worth.

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