Mother Jones Doesn’t Like Me Much. I Must Be Doing Something Right.

I’ve taken issue with Mother Jone’s rather…suspect…version of “journalism” in the past, but last night on Hannity one of his guests cited a recent “study” conducted by Mother Jones on the subject of mass shootings.

That “study” was so skewed and ridiculous that I nearly had an aneurism looking at it, luckily Ann Coulter took it upon herself to explain exactly why it was so utterly wrong.

When I pointed that out on Twitter I got noticed by the co-editor of Mother Jones, Clara Jeffery, who apparently spent some time on my twitter and blog.

Though she has yet to respond to my tweets back to her on her commentary.

Did that crazed loon on Hannity really just cite that ridiculous Mother Jones article that @anncoulter already debunked?

— MeredithAncret (@MeredithAncret) February 1, 2013

This might be my favorite tweet ever:…

— Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery) February 1, 2013

@clarajeffery Haha. By “debunking” this person means “completely demonstrating its validity,” right? ;P

— Chris Dalzell (@ChrisDalzell1) February 1, 2013

@direwolf11 @markfollman Website nav first item is “favorite passages from Atlas Shrugged.”

— Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery) February 1, 2013

“Allen West apparently agrees with me on this. I knew I had a good reason for liking him.” aka time to disengage from internet

— Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery) February 1, 2013

So @clarajeffery of Mother Jones apparently thinks it’s fine for Mother Jones to i skew date on mass shootings to suit liberal purposes.

— MeredithAncret (@MeredithAncret) February 1, 2013

Apparently @clarajeffery also read my blog. So she DOESN’T think that women should have to meet the same standards as men in combat units?

— MeredithAncret (@MeredithAncret) February 1, 2013