Minority Report: Piers Morgan Style

Apparently Piers Morgan believes that armed guards or civilians should actually be Tom Cruise in disguise, able to stop a shooter before the shooter pulls and fires their gun.

Mother Jones doesn’t think that any shooting where the shooter has less than 4 victims is a “mass shooting”, but Piers apparently lives in the opposite extreme where, even if an armed guard foils the attempts of a 15 year old would-be mass shooter, it doesn’t really count as stopping the mass-shooting because 1 person was shot.

“REVEALED: Armed guard was NOT able to stop Atlanta school shooting,” Morgan posted via his official Twitter account. He then linked to a story with a headline that completely contradicted his questionable claim. “Armed guard disarmed teen in Atlanta school shooting, says police chief,” the headline read.

The Blaze

One of these is not included with the purchase of a gun.

No one ever claimed that armed citizens or armed guards are sci-fi heroes who could stop crimes before they even happen. We don’t have pale, naked, bald psychics laying around in vats of water in our basements that alert us to when and where someone is going to commit a crime; contrary to what Piers seems to believe.

Having a gun reduces the number of casualties if a shooter does attack.

Having a place that is clearly not a “gun-free” zone drastically reduces the chance of a shooter choosing that place as a target.

Riddle me this, how many mass shootings in the last decade (9 years of which we have not had an “assault weapon” ban in place) have happened in a place that wasn’t a “gun-free” zone?


Get back to me on that when you figure it out.

How many students and teachers at Price middle school would have been harmed in this shooting if that armed resource officer had not been there to stop this, reportedly, gang related dispute?

How many of you think this 15 year legally owned this fire arm?

Do you really think that this 15 year old would have been stopped from getting a fire arm because of more gun laws?

Most importantly, how many of you believe that having an armed officer in this school was was a good idea that should be more actively used in schools, judging by this incident?

If we are going to concentrate on this idea of “do it for the children” then we need to do what keeps children safe, not what advances a political agenda, and that does involve having guns in schools, no matter how that makes you feel.

That’s what the majority of Americans appear to believe.

Hell, that’s what the Newtown board of education believes.

Legally held guns in schools protect our children and, no matter how Piers seems to think, they do stop school shootings.

Also, Piers, no one takes you seriously any longer. Ru Paul just beat you in ratings. Go home Morgan, you’re done.