There’s no law against being an asshole…yet.

But it’s not illegal
Nor should it be

I annoyed my co-host from The Open Door yesterdaydi when she posted a story on my facebook page, sure that it would incense me and make my blood boil, only to find that I was uncommonly clear headed and rational about it. She was annoyed because she couldn’t be “irrational and indignant” while I was making so much sense.

What was the story?

UPDATE: Local Students Want Separate Prom That Bans Gays

Look we may find this to be rather distasteful, but as long as they do what they say they are going to do, which is:

Their idea is to create their own separate…traditional prom. Students say there are several others from their high school who agree, but are afraid to take a stand.

then I have absolutely zero problem with it. As long as the public school and the tax payers have no part in paying for, advertising, or hosting this “traditional” prom then it’s absolutely none of our business.

There is no law saying that private citizens can’t be jerks and I don’t want there to be a law against being a jerk or privately holding parties that exclude certain people from them.

First of all, I’m often a jerk. It’s in my nature.

Second of all, the fact that this is such a big story is just another sign that people are too readily upset at not having the government fix all their problems.

Third of all, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Fourth, this is not 3rd grade. We are not required to invite everyone in our class to our birthday party or bring enough treats to share with everyone in the class.

I feel the same way every time the liberal gay community makes a stink about some private company refusing to bake them a cake for their wedding, rent them a hall for their reception, or book them the honeymoon suite.

You know what your response to this should be?

  • Call your friends, tell them to not go to that bakery, hotel, or reception hall. The free market at work!
  • Tell the owners they are jerks if you wish.
  • Go somewhere else to get your cake, reception hall, honeymoon suite.

You know what your response should not be?

  • Suing them.
  • Getting the government involved to try to force a private business to change who they serve.
  • Threatening or harassing the people who won’t do what you want. We still have freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in this country, whether you approve of where/how/why a group assembles. I personally find gay pride to be extremely offensive and off-putting and less than helpful for the gay community, but you don’t see me harassing the organizers of Phoenix Pride.

This is seriously getting ridiculous.

Is this a sort of dick move by certain “Christian” groups in Wabash county?

Yeah *shrug* so?

The high school has already said that they will not be participating in this “traditonal” prom and the school’s prom will be open to anyone at the school.

That’s all that matters here.

Are your tax dollars being used to fund something you don’t support?

No. That’s more than I can say these days, since my tax dollars are going toward an awful lot of government programs that I find offensive and less than helpful.

So put on your big girl panties and deal with the fact that you can’t force everyone to be accepting of you. (Yes Daily Kos, I’m talking to you and your blatantly misrepresented article about this situation in Wabash.)

That’s not how freedom works.



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