We’re Becoming a Nation of Sluts (and the Schools are Encouraging it)

I’m using “slut” as an equal opportunity word here, men can be sluts, women can be sluts. STDs believe in equality…which is probably why liberals love them so much.

No doubt this is going to enrage liberals, who will tell me that I’m “slut shaming” them. This is me not caring “ladies” and “gentlemen”.

The CDC recently  found that we are getting to the point of an epidemic when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases in this country. The worst age range for these was between 15 and 24, which make up a quarter of the population, but account for half the cases of STDs.

I’m turning 23 this year and I have never had a sexually transmitted disease and you know how I do that?

  • I don’t pick people up in bars
  • I don’t sleep with people on a whim, just because it “feels good”.

I might write for Dirty Sex and Politics, but there is one thing that all the authors of that website have in common…we take sex seriously outside of the written word.

No matter how careful you are, statistically the more times you have sex with different people you are more likely to contract an STD. The CDC says that the list of diseases most common are human papillomavirus (HPV), then chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis B, HIV, and trichomoniasis (It might interest you to know that the threat of contracting drug-resistant gonorrhea is going up in North America).

The CDC “urge[s] people to practice abstinence or safe sex by using a form of birth control and getting tested.”

I recommend the first option honestly, it is, quite literally, the only sure way to ensure that you don’t get a disease that could (at best) be very awkward or expensive or (at worst) make you unable to have children or have a non-treatable illness for life.

I haven’t had sex for nearly 6 months and I knew that I and my partner at the time were clean, but I still got tested not long after the break up. It’s great to know that you really are clean and that if you find the right person, you aren’t going to have to have an awkward conversation with them about how you have herpes or drug resistant gonorrhea or syphilis or that your chance of getting cervical cancer is up because you got HPV. Regardless of what Jezebel seems to think, that shit will not make your true love swoon.

We have an epidemic on our hands and it’s most prevalent in our high school and college age population, so what are our schools doing about it?

Well the University of Chicago is holding a “Sex Week” which includes such topics as

“Barebacking,” “G-Spotting,” and “Sex Ed for Kids” (how to talk to kindergarteners about sex and it’s related topics of choice, gender and desire).


Oh what? You don’t trust Breitbart.com on this? Okay, here’s the schedule for the event. Try 5pm on Sunday the 17th for the Kindergarten sex ed one.

Did you see the video I post yesterday, on Valentine’s day, where children somewhere in the 3 to 6 range were asked where babies come from and they responded with things like “tummy”, “heaven” and “cribs”?

Kindergartners do NOT need sex education, they aren’t even THINKING about sex. In fact, with all their talk about how members of the opposite gender have “cooties” they might actually be a few steps ahead of adults in understand this whole STD thing and they don’t even know what a condom is!

I think we need to start remembering that some people DO actually have “cooties” and stop encouraging sexual promiscuity in our culture.

Of course I’m preaching to the choir and the congregation is just going to throw rotten tomatoes at me, because I’m “shaming” their choice to expose themselves too (and continuing spreading) diseases, because they aren’t capable of living their life without constant sexual gratification.

But I had to say something.



  1. Children should be educated to a degree-but only because of the unfortunate chance of sexual abuse. They shouldn’t know details, they’re still young and innocent. You wouldn’t know that by looking at them, I mean good grief! If I wore a short skirt I needed leggings or thick, itchy stockings! Of course, their skirts are shorter than mine are, and I’m 22. When I was that age, I wore overalls. As a mother to a girl, it scares me how sexualized children are becoming.
    What almost scares me more is, when I was in high school, St. Louis was #1 in teen STIs. We live really close to the city, and I’m sure it hasn’t gotten better. Some diseases can be passed from mother to baby, not even giving the poor thing a chance. When I graduated, 10% of girls in my class were mothers or expecting. I worry (knowing some of these girls were…not virtuous) what they gave their children. :/

    • I agree children should be taught something at some point, but I do not believe it is the schools’ place to be teaching such things, particularly at such a young age. As a teacher, I know how easy it is to want to answer questions and delve further into topics than originally intended and how hard it is to remain unbiased. As a parent, I do not want a teacher to have this discussion with my daughter; I want to be the one to explain such matters, but I don’t want to do it when she is 4 before she starts school. I want to do it when I want to do it. As a parent I feel I am the primary educator, the person to teach my child morals, how to show respect to others, how to be a descent person. A teacher is supposed to be a supplement to the parents, not the primary care giver to children. Unfortunately many people feel it is up to the schools to raise their children. I am not that way. I want to raise my child. I want the teacher to teach basics and leave the rest up to me. Sex Ed in elementary school is not basics. Sex Ed period is not basics. My mother was able to explain it all to me way better than any school could. She even had diagrams and used proper terminology. If a parent is not lazy, it can be done. I don’t like the modern view of education. And sex Ed is just a part of it, but the main part as related to this article.

  2. No, I opened my parents door when I was a little kid, & they were on top of eachother. Naked. Awkward! But I kind of knew something was there, so I was kind of curious, but traumatized, but only out of fear of what they would say, think of my discovery. Um, I kind of knew about sex, because my toys were always either eating eachother, shooting eachother, or humping eachother. Does that make me a bad person?

  3. Well, although I think that teaching kids about those terms is ridiculously irrelevant to their studies, I would also say that school is irrelevant to thinking. Its funny to think that they would even know or care about those things, except for what intonation they could detect in the nervous teachers’ voices. Kids pick up on contextual clues, & go from there to figure “whats up”. And thats a failure in “schooling” because I think that students should be proactively interested in everything, & not just accept anything they hear. I’m sure you would agree with that statement. If that is not the case, then I would pull the kids out of “school” and thank the teachers for trying to coax my children in to tapping in to their thought potential. I succeeded & failed many times throughout my educational career. So, a mindset that I didn’t have is a responsibility that I could not hold for many reasons– being born with a tumor, allergies to everything, parents getting divorced,getting bullied & other issues that created a “snowball” effect. So “schooling” is a joke. Its a freaking joke! Haha, unless the student is instilled with the passion to think in their own unique perspectives, they will be wasting their time. It a joke that we pay teachers to “babysit” our children, while we go off to work & pretend they don’t exist for a while. Well that tangent grew pretty quickly. But yeah, students ought to have an independent thinking mindset, to be inspired to learn. They pay those teachers & schools GOOD money for each student. So the whole system is a failure in the ability for the students to understand what they ought to be thinking about. So thats just my perspective on what really matters, regardless of your age. What a joke, I was not a dumb first grader, I could process things subjectively, but I needed the focus to be on my thought power, & idea potential— Hahaha which is infiniteeeee 😉

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