“Then I Shall Take Over The Entire Tri-State Area!”* Bloomberg’s Battle Cry

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Thank you New York Post for your wonderful front page, couldn’t have described Bloomberg better myself.

Nanny Bloomberg just can’t help himself, he just needs to fix everyone’s life through regulation, because people just need to be controlled. Or in the words of a certain super villain, “The world is a mess and I just… need to rule it.”

To that effect Bloomberg plans to expand his soda ban, taking it to the level of banning 2 liter sodas from your pizza deliveries and pitchers of soda from your children’s birthday parties and mixers at bars , because clearly those are meant for one person to guzzle down.

No surprise that this, like most other liberal regulations, will raise costs for businesses.

So Bloomberg has built his own little fiefdom in New York City and he wants to spread his influence from one urban corner of New York state, out into the rest of New York state…and then THE WORLD! *Maniacal Laughter*

His excuse to infringe on people’s personal liberty and responsibility? Do it for the children! The favored excuse of liberals when they want to make other people feel guilty for defending their liberty.

You have exactly the right question, but you’re asking it the wrong way. Keep in mind we’re trying to save the lives of these kids — particularly kids… The state should do exactly the same thing in stores. – Bloomberg via Breitbart

Bloomberg’s inane fight to regulate the health of his citizens has reached everything from what food you can donate to homeless shelters and yet another regulation, this one on plastic-foam (styrofoam) containers, that will raise prices for businesses in New York City.

Yes, that sounds like exactly what a city with an already above average unemployment rate needs.

Anyone with any common sense would be questioning Nanny Bloomberg’s sanity at this point and wondering why he, a man who puts salt on his pizza, is spending so much time, energy, and money on programs to control how everyone else in his city eats.

Luckily he’s got people like Tamara Holder on his side, letting Republicans know that they clearly only have a problem with Bloomberg’s legislation of our sugar intake because Republicans are a bunch of “fat-asses”. No really, she said that.

This leads me to believe that the “children” Bloomberg is out to protect are actually liberals themselves, because I haven’t seen a response to legislative debate that childish since Obama told Romney that “the 80’s called, they want their foreign policy back”.

Liberals justify their control of my diet by saying “if you pay taxes you should be equally angry and supportive, considering the ER visits, from transport to care are tax tied to communities”, but they are working at this from the wrong direction. There is a reason why Republicans favor lower taxes, non-government healthcare, and smaller government. This is that reason. The larger the government gets, the more they control, the less freedom we have and Bloomberg’s latest regulatory orgy is symptomatic of that sort of control.

Liberals, let’s try something new. You stop taking my money and start letting people take responsibility for their own lives, whether that means they want to drink so much soda that they pop or work out until their heart explodes, that’s their choice.

I stopped needing someone to make choices for me long ago, I don’t need a nanny now.


*You’ll only get this title if you have discerning taste in children’s cartoon programming.