Journal: Day 1 of the Sequester

I woke up this morning, this was something I did not expect.

I had expected my house to catch fire in the night and burn to the ground with me in it, as spending cuts have reduced the number of firemen and police and other first responders in my city.

I got up, the electricity was still on, I still had coffee and took a shower. We still have water, hallelujah, but I don’t know how long that will last.

Unfortunately Maxine Waters was wrong about the loss of 170 million jobs and I still had to go to work. My sister’s school was still open, too bad for her…she put off doing her Spanish homework in hopes that the apocalypse would halt classes for at least a day.

There has not been a rash of looting or rioting in the streets over this spending decrease and that seems to be holding true through the day. Perhaps people are just in shock, tomorrow may be the real beginning of the end for us.

The trains and buses are still running, though the schedule appears to be off on the buses, whether that is a symptom of general panic or just a sign that our bus drivers have been drinking again, no one yet knows.

Parking lots at local grocery stores are packed in, this is clearly a sign of panicked preparation for things to come. The 1st of the month is usually a busy day for grocery stores, what with welfare and disability and social security checks being deposited and food stamps being renewed, but that can’t possibly be the reason as we all know that the sequester’s cuts have decimated those social programs.

I can only suspect that today is the calm before the storm, shock has settled over the city and people are going about their day to day routines, acting as if the world is not coming to an end, as if it will help. Tomorrow the shock will wear off and the apocalypse will truly begin.

I will continue reporting in as long as the internet remains functional.

Dear God, have mercy on us all.



  1. The effects of the sequester will be as subtle as any beast of the field and will come on slowly, surely, insidiously and over a period of time – – and will, eventually, be felt and will hurt people. It is good to be able to mock and to have a little laugh at the beginning — that is human nature. There is the possibility that all the “Heads” might get together as time goes on and come up with some replacement for the sequester that might save the day for some fortunate souls… but sooner or later, this austerity will seep into the common experience and then I think there will be hell to pay. I pray that I am wrong. Of course , if there are some who are independently wealthy, they might not be hit as hard as some who are less fortunate. Talk to me again in 6 months from now and let us see where we are then.

    • Oh please, this cuts are so minuscule that no one will even notice.
      But the 3rd article on your website calls this the “republican sequester” so we already know how smart you are. *eye roll*

      A.) The Obama administration suggested the sequester.
      B.) The House wanted to pass a bill to find smarter places to make these cuts, but Obama came right out and said he would veto any bill that would allow congress and the President to do so. He just wants revenue increases, despite promises before the fiscal cliff to CUT SPENDING!
      C.) These aren’t actually cuts, we are only slowing the increase of spending.

  2. More importantly they’re not even real cuts. They’re “cuts” in growth. It’s like saying you spent $100 last month, wanted to spend $150 this month but only spent $110 and praise yourself for $40 dollar cut in spending. Only liberals and government could call that a cut.

    Also real cut, serious made real cuts in the government budget would help people not. Every dollar spent by government not only hurts them in taxes and debt but aids a bloated, inefficient and harmful bureaucracy that is an impediment to growth, prosperity and liberty.

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