Journal: Day 3 of Sequester

I heard from a friend who works in a federal building downtown that things are getting desperate in the government building. She had to take her own trash out this morning, as most of their janitors have decided to stay home with their families, the pay cuts they were being given were too severe for them to even bother coming in to work anymore.

Planes have yet to start falling from the sky, but I suppose it’s only a matter of time. The TSA were such an intricate part of flying that the cuts in employment there will surely make flying much more dangerous, personally I wouldn’t be surprised if planes were grounded in the near future. Not Air Force One of course, because Obama isn’t affected by the cuts. What a relief to the American people, even if we can’t go anywhere the President can still fly to us to assure us that he is going to find a way to make those awful Republicans pay for these cuts.

Most people are choosing to stay inside, as violence from released inmates is on the rise. Even honest citizens are beginning to panic, as they fear that the rising price of gas and lead to food shortages, riots and looting are occurring in some areas of the city. It’s every person for themselves.

I have received video of the riots and will share it here.

I will report in again after I have finished barricading my house against rioters and looters.



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