Journal: Day 5 of Sequestration

The sequester has taken the life of a great dictator.

No, not Obama. He’s not a dictator, he said so himself.

I’m talking about Hugo Chavez.

Hopefully the cuts in spending won’t stop first responders from getting to Sean Penn’s house before he drowns himself in his own tears.


Journal: Day 5 of Sequester

We knew something terrible would happen when cuts were made to military spending, but I don’t think anyone could have anticipated how truly awful things would become.

Without the ever increasing spending on Naval military maneuvers, things from the deepest depths of the ocean have begun to stir and our severe decrease in carrier deployments our oceans are being left unprotected and somehow these creatures know this and have immediately begun to attack.

Our naval military personal are also being left with rudimentary weapons to fend off such attacks.

This video was sent to me only seconds before the ship that was attacked sank into the ocean. The number of survivors, if any, is unknown at the moment.

This sequester is going to lead to the end of life as we know it. I will never go to the beach again.