Child Rearing in a Nuclear Age – AKA: Can We Just Nuke Pyongyang and Get It Over With?

I kid, I kid! 


But really, when are we going to acknowledge the fact that sanctions aren’t exactly making Kim Jong Un quiver in his tiny tiny boots?

Sanctions are the political equivalent of a parent constantly telling their child that if they don’t straighten up they are going to give them to to Goblin King. It’s an empty threat, especially when it’s obvious that Kim Jong Un doesn’t care about how the sanctions affect his people. He is more than willing to let them starve, just like his father.

I had a great uncle on the maternal side of the family who, when he was a child, liked to hold his breath until he got his way . This, of course, terrified my great grandparents into giving him whatever his little heart desired and they always gave in before he got even a little blue in the face.

One day my great grandparents were out and the only two people in the house with my great uncle were his two sisters who weren’t about to take his crap. At some point in the day, when he wasn’t getting what he wanted, he started to hold his breath. My great aunt and my grandmother couldn’t have cared less and they refused to give in.

Eventually, as one would expect, my great uncle passed out from lack of oxygen. He woke up later, no worse for wear, and he was much more cooperative with his sisters after that.

The moral to this story? When a child is throwing a temper tantrum you don’t give into them.

Something else I learned after years of volunteering in the church nursery was that when toddlers start a tantrum you have to let it play out and basically ignore them. Attention is what they are after and if you give it to them they will feel that throwing a tantrum is the appropriate response to any situation in which they don’t get their way.

The only exception to that rule was when the child switched from laying on the ground, screaming and flailing, and started throwing things, hitting people, and generally becoming more of a danger to others than to themselves, rather than just a slight nuisance to everyone around them. That was when they got punished, because that was not acceptable behavior.

And that’s exactly where this situation with North Korea is going.

For years North Korea, under the Kim family, has been throwing tantrums, screaming and flailing and holding their breath to get attention from the rest of the world and get what they want from us.

When that has failed to work they upped the ante. Now they’ve started hitting and biting the other pre-schoolers and throwing blocks at the daycare staff. It doesn’t really matter if they can throw hard enough to hit anyone, what matters is the intent to harm. Which no one can deny they lack, not after the constant waves of propaganda coming out of the country these days.

Up until now I think we’ve all been willing to let North Korea cry themselves out, but now they’ve stepped over a line. You can whine, complain, and throw as many tantrums as you like, but the moment you start threatening our country, our allies, and our soldiers you have become a threat to our country and that can’t be tolerated.

Though I have a feeling that, just like most liberal child-rearers, Obama and the United Nations will give in and try to placate the child throwing the temper tantrum.