Put Up or Shut Up

Frankly I’m shocked that North Korea actually nailed themselves to the wall by giving us an announcement of the date they will launch a missile on.

That date being April 10th, which is…tomorrow. 

They’ve also been rumored to be moving their Ambassador out of the UK and they’ve warned foreigners to leave South Korea.

I almost wonder if they have something else planned, since putting the Seventh Fleet on high alert is the height of stupidity.

Then again, this is North Korea, where they believe in Unicorns and thing Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger, so…

The issue here is that they have painted themselves into a corner whether they fire a missile tomorrow or not. If they don’t fire it, no one will ever take them seriously ever again (as if we really did before). If they fire it and it (as I suspect) completely fails to be a successful launch, no one will ever take them seriously again.

And if they launch it and it actually gets anywhere near South Korea, the Seventh Fleet will shoot it out of the air and we will officially have a reason to stomp them flat in about 2.5 seconds.

Then again you have to take into account our current administration.

Does anyone else think that it’s a coincidence that North Korea has gone from saber rattling to nuclear missiles just at the time when we have a man in office who is about as effective in foreign policy as Carter and seems to have a fetish for sanctions and warnings from the UN?

Yeah, I didn’t think I was the only one thinking that these two things were linked.

Will our president actually make the right decision here? He usually doesn’t, but this could be another Bin Laden type situation…who wants to be the President remembered as the one let South Korea get nuked by North Korea. No one, that’s who.

So I’m praying he has enough common sense to realize that.

Am I the only one wishing they would just fire the damn missiles already so we can get this over with?